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  1. Melvin Gordon eventually comes back for the Chargers, so this would be an easy accept for me
  2. I would either take the deal as is, or counter for Murray/Brown
  3. Standard scoring. 10-teamer. 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE ESPN league I get: DJ Moore + Demarcus Robinson I give Jared Goff (I currently have Russell Wilson as well) + John Brown Thanks WHIR
  4. I'm an experienced owner of both dynasty and redraft formats, but I'm hopeful about getting into a new dynasty startup for this season if it's not too late. In dynasty, I prefer free or low level of buy-in. Definitely just want new startup league. No abandoned orphans. Respond either here or email dlockhart9@yahoo.com. Also, slightly more interested in non-ESPN leagues. Just a personal preference
  5. I have one opening in a 10-team standard 5x5 Redraft BB league, drafting on Yahoo at 11AM on Sunday morning, March 24th. It is a $20 buyin, and all settings are pretty traditional, with the minor exception of 4OF and 1UTIL, rather than 3 and 2. This league has been going on for several years, and I rarely have to recruit, but this year there was one no-show. The other 9 league members have already paid by Paypal, so Leaguesafe won't be an option here. But I have never failed to immediately distribute 100% of league buyins immediately after the season. Email me at dlockhart9@yahoo.com, if you w
  6. A little too steep a buy-in for what I'm looking for. Thanks thoug
  7. Let me take a little time and wade through the contract rules. Thanks
  8. Startup or existing team? If startup, tell me about draft Thanks!
  9. Would prefer start-up, but willing to consider an existing team that is not a complete rebuild Strongly prefer deep minor league rosters. Have played 60+ in the past Prefer 30 team leagues, but would consider 20-30 No high buy-ins email me at dlockhart9@yahoo.com
  10. I run a Yahoo redraft league that, for years, has mostly rolled over the same GM's year-after-year. This season, however, a couple of folks have left, leaving some empty spots. The league has some unique settings in that it employs a lineup of 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 2FLEX, 1TE, 1K and 2DEF and a healthy bench. Makes for a challenging draft. Currently scheduled to draft on 8/26 at 11:30AM EST, the league uses paypal for the $20 entry and pays back 100% of fees, promptly at the end of the year. Given how nominal the entry is, and how many of the GM's have been around for years, I have avoided the built-
  11. Not a big entry fee though, and pays 100% of fee money out, spread to top 3
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