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  1. Damn bro I only kept you for your stocks and you didn't even come through with that!
  2. Uh oh. Frank is likely back tonight. I'm worried he's gonna take away some touches and boards from Marv. His recent boom seems to have correlated with when Frank went down. We will see tonight.
  3. The rebounds and scoring are nice. He's also blocking more shots. He's still missing steals and 3s to make him elite. His ft % hasn't been good and I don't think his fg% of 60% is sustainable. He's solid but not elite...yet.
  4. JJ is a great player. Do you guys remember a few years back when he was purely a stocks stud that never got consistent run? It's impressive that he's hung in there and developed more elements of his game. Look at him now!!!!
  5. I'm not sure why he keeps piling these fouls. Tonight he had an easy match up yet still managed to foul out of thr game. Maybe he's being too aggressive on defense?? I think he'should in a slump but will break out soon.
  6. Yea that's what I was thinking. He did shoot more efficiently which was nice.
  7. Dude doesn't provide anything other than a steal or 2 when his shot doesn't fall. A bit risky.
  8. You can thank me for that. I finally picked him up yesterday...
  9. Super beta tonight. If he was guarding Horford then he did a great job slowing him down.
  10. I thought you guys would appreciate this...someone offered me Faried for my Turner ???. I told him to lay off the crack...and hell no.
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