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  1. H2H Dynasty 12 team Haliburton ($6) for Brown ($13); Cap $200 Which side would you prefer? Thanks!
  2. To everyone saying Giannis still hasn't hit his ceiling, AD is only 1.5 years older then him. The man is going to be #1 in fantasy this year, with two top 2 finishes in the last 3 years prior (total rankings from BBM). For fantasy, Giannis' ceiling IS AD. So why not go with the sure thing.
  3. 9 cat roto league, auction keeper league (Cap $200) I had Porzingis at $8... Now being offered: Turner for $15 or Drummond for $20 Who would you take for this year and next? I hate dumping categories (i.e. FT%), but Drummond is exceeding all expectations this year. My only hope is that Turner can turn things around this year and next (while being cheaper as well). I will likely win this year if I get either, so more of a question for the future. Thoughts?
  4. Roto 9 Cat 11 teams What do you guys think? I have Payton/Spencer as my util guys that Dunn would replace one of.
  5. I think it's close in value. Can you do another 2 for 1 with Tauren/Jaylen/Kuzma/RHJ? If you have to trade, I'd do the one with Kuz.
  6. Roto 9 Cat league 11 team Value wise, seems like a pretty good bet on my side, but I'm in first place and wary of messing with a winning team, AND CP3 injury history. Worth the big win in value? PG Curry SG Harris G JrueHol PF A.Gordon F KPorz SF Middleton C Jokic C Anthony Davis util Dwiniddie util E. Payton BN Milsap BN Barton BN Chriss
  7. To those not watching the game, he's looks great against GSW. In control and always seems to make the right decisions. He'd have >10 ast if his teammates hit all the open shots in the first half. Definitely a better pure PG then D'lo.
  8. uhhh..I'd even hesitate on a Gordon for K love trade straight up, let alone adding the other guys.
  9. With Bleds and Parker incoming, wondering what kind of value is good for Middleton Roto 9 Cat Middleton/Warren for Walker/Ingles. Hate losing the all around goodness from Khris, but the value looks good here. Thoughts?
  10. How the mighty have fallen. Schroder actually looks like he can hold his value for the rest of the year. What do you guys thing?
  11. At least you didn't drop him yesterday for Bogs....
  12. Walking out on his own power doesn't really speak to the severity. Most (single) ligament injuries are weight bearing as tolerated right after the injury.
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