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  1. Ray King would like a LOOGY role please.
  2. How do you use the chromecast since it only lets you broadcast a tab, when I open up the mlb.tv window with the game it takes away the chromecast button on the window? Figured it out- you have to broadcast the whole screen (which sucks because now you can't use your laptop for other stuff.) New problem is the video on my tv is unbearably laggy and choppy. I have 50 download per second, internet is good...
  3. Is it possible to stream the games to your tv from your laptop while still having other tabs open and doing other things? I mean have it stay streaming the games while I change to a new window on my laptop.
  4. Oh FFS here we go. The guy has been throwing batting practice all year and posters who have been touting him dissapear, then he has one good outing and suddenly there are 7 posts from Foul Line. There is still zero reason to own him at this point. If he has another one or two good starts then maybe re evauate, but right now this guy has been nothing short of brutal and isn't relevant in mixed leagues.
  5. After watching him pitch in his last start I have to say I am very excited for his start today.... ...As someone who has multiple Rangers on my team. He's someone I will be targeting waiver hitters against if I am looking for a cheap homer.
  6. Just take him out so I never have to see this guy pitch again. Good lord does he serve up meatballs. ^I doubt they will change that one though. It was one of those "could go either way" calls. But it just feels like they always screw you on them lol. Scorers these days only give out errors if you throw the ball into the stands or something. The most recent for me was Latos last start on the pop up by Soriano ruled a single cost him 3 earned. Thought for sure they would change that and they never did... Anyway I digress. This guy isn't good and is a threat to give up multiple home runs in
  7. Seagers ball was a dink off the glove of Lowrie and of course they rule it a hit instead of an error. Would have made all the runs unearned. I swear official scorers are just out to get me this year. EVERYTHING is a freaking hit.
  8. Spot starting this guy, first inning morales hits a taylor made DP to Donaldson and he hesitates and can't decide whether or not to grab it so it goes through for a single. Now the next two guys have hit singles ad its 2-0 with men on 2nd and 3rd and one out recorded. Not sure why I even bothered using this guy, he isn't very good despite the bizarre hype train on him.
  9. lol this is seriously just not even fair. He just gave up a hit to Altuve, falls behind Wallace 3-0. Gets over a 3-0 fastball. Wallace swings and misses at ball 4. 3-2. Wallace swings and misses at ball 4. Strikeout number 7 in 3 innings. FTB noted how you can get away with his repetoir and strike people out against minor league hitters, well, he's doing that again tonight, it just happens to be in a major league stadium.
  10. You think Straily is more talented than Brett Anderson? And his upside is higher then Parker, a former 9th overall pick who put up a 3.47 ERA his rookie season? Unlike FearTheBeard you give no evidence to back up any of these assertions so its hard to really take any of these as anything more than an arbitrary opinion.
  11. +3 catches for 32 yards. WiPo = 0 carries, 0 catches, 0 yards. reminds me of the argument in 2010 when people were saying that steve slaton was better than arian foster. LOL when given the opportunity, powell has looked better than that scrub howling. This is the same team that refuses to throw to larry fitzgerald, but i guess andre roberts > fitz too right? Fitzgerald has a long sample size of success, he just has putrid QB's throwing to him and double coverage on every possession. That is a horrible analogy. How does Powell get put in the same sentence as a future hall of fame
  12. Powell will get his chance sooner or later. It's clear LSH isn't the guy. Wrong RB, bad play calling, Whiz will be fired soon enough. They may let him stay another year because of all the injuries but if he doesn't wise up soon he'll be gone. And that is why this thread continues because of asinine comments like that. Its clear he is the guy, hence why he is the only RB getting touches in the back field. Instead of just admitting this and moving on, more excuses have to be made. LSH is the guy, he will be the guy until Beanie is back and that is that. Yep, at this point its not r
  13. .....He is not even starting.... But he will see the ball.
  14. He's averaging a pretty pedestrian 1.5 yards per carry page.
  15. I am confused about why one would read a message board when they don't care about the opinions of the other posters. I am also confused as to why I keep clicking on this thread. Glutton for punishment...
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