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  1. How do you use the chromecast since it only lets you broadcast a tab, when I open up the mlb.tv window with the game it takes away the chromecast button on the window?

    Figured it out- you have to broadcast the whole screen (which sucks because now you can't use your laptop for other stuff.)

    New problem is the video on my tv is unbearably laggy and choppy. I have 50 download per second, internet is good...

  2. Oh FFS here we go. The guy has been throwing batting practice all year and posters who have been touting him dissapear, then he has one good outing and suddenly there are 7 posts from Foul Line.

    There is still zero reason to own him at this point. If he has another one or two good starts then maybe re evauate, but right now this guy has been nothing short of brutal and isn't relevant in mixed leagues.

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  3. Just take him out so I never have to see this guy pitch again. Good lord does he serve up meatballs.

    ^I doubt they will change that one though. It was one of those "could go either way" calls. But it just feels like they always screw you on them lol. Scorers these days only give out errors if you throw the ball into the stands or something. The most recent for me was Latos last start on the pop up by Soriano ruled a single cost him 3 earned. Thought for sure they would change that and they never did... Anyway I digress.

    This guy isn't good and is a threat to give up multiple home runs in every start he has. He serves up 90 mph heat middle up in the zone over and over again, this is the first time I actually watched him this year. I will not be using him again in a mixed league.

  4. Seagers ball was a dink off the glove of Lowrie and of course they rule it a hit instead of an error. Would have made all the runs unearned. I swear official scorers are just out to get me this year. EVERYTHING is a freaking hit.

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  5. Spot starting this guy, first inning morales hits a taylor made DP to Donaldson and he hesitates and can't decide whether or not to grab it so it goes through for a single. Now the next two guys have hit singles ad its 2-0 with men on 2nd and 3rd and one out recorded.

    Not sure why I even bothered using this guy, he isn't very good despite the bizarre hype train on him.

  6. lol this is seriously just not even fair. He just gave up a hit to Altuve, falls behind Wallace 3-0. Gets over a 3-0 fastball. Wallace swings and misses at ball 4. 3-2. Wallace swings and misses at ball 4. Strikeout number 7 in 3 innings.

    FTB noted how you can get away with his repetoir and strike people out against minor league hitters, well, he's doing that again tonight, it just happens to be in a major league stadium.

  7. You think Straily is more talented than Brett Anderson? And his upside is higher then Parker, a former 9th overall pick who put up a 3.47 ERA his rookie season?

    Unlike FearTheBeard you give no evidence to back up any of these assertions so its hard to really take any of these as anything more than an arbitrary opinion.

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  8. 6 yards on 8 rushes or something? yup howling is definitely the guy. haahahaha

    +3 catches for 32 yards.

    WiPo = 0 carries, 0 catches, 0 yards.

    reminds me of the argument in 2010 when people were saying that steve slaton was better than arian foster. LOL

    when given the opportunity, powell has looked better than that scrub howling. This is the same team that refuses to throw to larry fitzgerald, but i guess andre roberts > fitz too right?

    Fitzgerald has a long sample size of success, he just has putrid QB's throwing to him and double coverage on every possession. That is a horrible analogy. How does Powell get put in the same sentence as a future hall of fame WR?

    Yeah seriously. I mean on one hand you have one of the most talented and skilled players in the league, and on the other hand you have Fitgerald...

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  9. Is Foulline still around ?

    What happened to "pick up of the year" or "Cards OL is not that bad" ?

    Powell will get his chance sooner or later. It's clear LSH isn't the guy.

    Wrong RB, bad play calling, Whiz will be fired soon enough. They may let him stay another year because of all the injuries but if he doesn't wise up soon he'll be gone.

    And that is why this thread continues because of asinine comments like that. Its clear he is the guy, hence why he is the only RB getting touches in the back field. Instead of just admitting this and moving on, more excuses have to be made. LSH is the guy, he will be the guy until Beanie is back and that is that.

    Yep, at this point its not really worth even responding. Only way the thread will die is if people stop feeding the instigator.

  10. Again I'm not saying this line is a great line, but a below average to average line, yes. They are by no means a bottom 5 offensive line in the league. Let alone the worst line in the league, which many come in here and say they certainly are. Last year Arizona averaged 4.2 yards a carry for 17th in the league.

    It's the worst OL according to

    - Pro Football Focus

    - Football Outsiders

    But I'm sure www.foulline.com is more reliable

    I don't need a website to understand football.

    Do you even know how they figure those stats? I'm gunna guess that you don't.

    Last week before Thursday those sites had Arizona's OLine ranked last in terms of rushing, even though it at that time they weren't ranked last in rush yards per game or rush yards per carry and they had gone up against the hardest schedule to rush against.

    So don't get snotty with me because I have enough brains and balls to formulate my own opinions rather than blindly follow along some site I don't understand like a lemming. You can disagree all you want but that doesnt make my points any less valid.

    Again if Arizona puts up big rush numbers against Buffalo their stats will look so much better.6 If they rush for 150 yards as a team against Buffalo and every other team rushed for their average yards a game that would put them at 26th overall in teems of rush yards per game.

    What points have you made about their offensive line? All you have said is "they aren't close to the worst in the league or a bottom 5 line." Then someone brought up multiple credible sites that I know I have used in the past and they are pretty well known. And those stats aren't some confusing formula, they are stated right on the graph as to how they get each number.

    Again, you might be wise to refrain from accusing everyone else of not bringing facts to the table when they give you multiple football research websites citing their argument. At this point its pretty irritating reading the defiant attitude.

  11. Here's what I'm thinking. A number of Wi-Po supporters have gone "all in" by staking their reputation to the idea that he is (a.) pickup of the year, (b.) an RB2 with upside, or (c.) a potential stud in the making with the FLOOR of a starting RB like Donald Jones. It sounds wild to some readers, but bear in mind that the hope here is that someone posting on a message board can make a name for himself and get a job with Rotoworld or, gasp, ESPN, both of whom have suggested that Powell is an average talent at best.

    Hang in there with your superior insight! When you are proven right, all the hours spent posting will be worth it! As much as we'd love to have your talents in the field of medicine or alternative energy, you will have much more fun on Sportscenter when your bold predictions are finally proven true, and at the same time discrediting the professional writers ...

    Despite making many bold predictions that have come true in the past on this forum and elsewhere ESPN nor rotworld have either asked for my services. So let's get real. You have been back and fourth on both sides with your sarcasm and criticism in this entire thread. Where do you stand? What is your prediction / analysis?

    Many rotoworld members have called me an idiot in the past for my crazy claims. But for how often they come true, most eventually realize I don't just make up the things I say. I look at specific stats and actual game footage. The more I got into researching Powell the more excited I got about him.

    Which is what annoys me the most about most of the haters, they don't research they just hate. They call grocery baggers on his preseason numbers, even thought they failed to witness how great of cut backs Powell makes.

    Even if I'm wrong 3/4 of the times with my crazy outlandish claims, they will still pay off. What do you think the odds would be on calling the pick up of the year? Probably 10 to 1 on any given player... Powell probably more so.

    If Powell doesn't do anything against Buffalo (plays but just sucks) then all the haters can come in here and "Hahaha you were wrong" me until their hearts are content. But let's get real and remember I'm talking about a week 4 pick up who isn't even a fantasy blip until going into week 6 (still only owned in 4% of Yahoo! leagues, we will see after Wed). So yeah it's easy to say some no name isn't good because chances are they aren't. But I don't just hype up any no names. Sure I've said some crazy things in the past but hey I get good on my money.

    I think that is where it can be irritating though and its not necessarily with you as a poster but fantasy analysis in general. When you hype up the flavor of the week's 100 times, inevitably one of them is going to eventually hit. And the other 99 fade away never to be heard from again, but nobody cares because that is what everyone expects them to do. It's the shotgun approach, its how a ton of fantasy analysts at the major sites make their living.

    And as far as the hate you get, you gotta expect that when you make outlandish claims no? It comes with the territory. Honestly its entertaining and makes it more interesting when people actually go out on a limb with predictions rather than just playing it safe all the time. But if you just hype the flavor of the week every time and whiff at a 90% clip your just Brad Evans of Yahoo. It can be entertaining, but nobody is going to take anything you say seriously after awhile.

  12. It's funny that Donald Brown was referenced as his floor. To me, when I saw RW injury news, I thought of Brown as a reasonable comparison for what Powells CEILING could be if everything were to go right. This was before I remembered of the existence of the Hyphen. That comp was basically purely based on Brown being a RB that has some value purely because of volume and being the one guy who gets carries on his team (again, this was before I remembered about hyphen) and just natrually falls into some fantasy production.

    Powell might be worth a small bid this week, I am going after Alex Green ahead of him though and have not decided on hyphen and Starks.

  13. Haha wow this thread has 200 page potential now.

    There's no denying that he's worth a pickup now even with a terrible offensive line. I will be bidding this week. Who else do they have?? Alfonso Smith? I don't really have high hopes for him being good but he now has a clear shot at the job so you have to grab him and see what happens.

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  14. Hahah and just when you thought this thread was dying...

    Honestly that is good news though for him having a chance at at least being semi relevant to discuss. That means he wasn't necessarily behind Alfonso Smith and Sherman which is what we thought after last night.

    If he had not gotten hurt he would have rushed for 2 bills IMO.

  15. This thread must die

    My favorite thing about this thread is that it's the worst in the forum, it's so bad I actually like it, and even respect it in a sick way. It's a hideously diseased monstrosity out of the late night creature feature that refuses to die. Shoot it, stab it, set it on fire, freeze it with liquid nitrogen, nuke it from orbit, doesn't matter-- it keeps coming back! Half the time the only reason it gets bumped is from people saying how much it sucks, which just adds to the foulness. The thread began as an act of hope, the belief that some dude who has barely played since high school could become a fantasy star, but now the Wi-Po thread feeds on hate, it becomes stronger, deadlier, more relentless. It's the Terminator, the Blob, Jaws, Frankenstein, the Alien, and Jackie Battle all rolled into one. The horror, the horror...

    Haha exactly, I can't help myself from coming back, I am a glutton for punishment. It's that train wreck where you just can't look away. I also want to see the spin job from FouLLine and Robrain but their silence is deafening right now.

  16. It looks like the only time this guy even plays is in the no huddle package. Williams went down and Alphonso Smith came in, then some random white guy named Sherman came in.

    He is literally the 4th string runningback on a team with the worst offensive line and running game in the league. This thread is borderline embarrassing haha

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