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  1. One thing this thread continues to do is make me appreciate my dynasty league and fellow league mates. The only guy on that list above who's available there is Bell. Powell is also still out there on the FA list. The rest have been LONG gone. I think part of the divisiveness in here is based on people's perspectives based on what leagues they're in. If you're in a league that doesn't have a need to roster most of the guys on the above list, then yeah you'd probably be silly to consider Powell. But in a deeper league (esp. a dynasty) Powell is exactly the kind of player who, if you jump on him
  2. Curious FouLLine, are you still of the opinion that he has more upside than any of the RB's on that list before? You previously stated just that. You would have, and would be, dropping any of these guys for Powell right now? (Battle obviously has changed drastically since a week ago, but the rest are the same thing. You can add any other clear cut backup RB to the list too, I think its valid to say Powell at this moment is indeed the next guy to Williams) Kendall Hunter Jacquizz Rodgers Joique Bell Toby Gerhart Mike Goodson Bilal Powell Daryl Richardson Jackie Battle (circumstances
  3. 2 carries for 2 yards 2 catches for 6 yards. Anddddd crickets. Not that those numbers should surprise anyone who looked at the situation logically.
  4. FouLLine has now made close to double digit references to Powell's college stats in which he had 24 carries or whatever the hell it was and every time managed to spin the fact that he he barely played in college into a major positive. I am done trying to argue logically in this thread, just sit back and enjoy the dumpster fire.
  5. LOL Okay as if I can't handle someone disagreeing with me. Just be sure to bring facts or reasoning. A few brought some reasoning but most of you guys didn't. But notice how your post doesn't bring any facts or reasoning to the table? So once again you will force me to repeat it. All you do is bring up what I've said and say NO. No reasoning, just "you're wrong". This is entirely more annoying when you don't even understand what I'm saying. Oh wait you made a list of guys who were drafted in all leagues or at the very least have been rostered for weeks now. So I'll give you that... I g
  6. So basically you hate when people use logical thought. Arian is an elite top RB, does Powell even have a carry? We all know Arian came out of nowhere... but its not like there is even a RB like that every year. Spiller(hurt/timeshare), Andre Brown(a backup), and Morris(Shanny) are not on that level of value (imo the biggest value surprises at RB). I can see LeShoure being the biggest suprise by year end but even he'll have to fend off Best and probably won't be elite anyway. It is true that the chances Powell becomes Arian are not good, so why be surprised/effected by the opinion of those you
  7. Honestly how do you compare players that is so great? Who would you compare him to? I mean every player has something in common with many other players, therefore by your logic they would be weak comparisons. Cause undrafted players just lead the preseason in rushing all the time. You act like leading the NFL in rushing in the preseason is a negative thing. I understand "take it with a grain of salt" but you can't hold that against someone. I mean what more do you want? Here are so more similarities. Arain Foster had to make the team his rookie year. He was released but signed to the
  8. Ironic post is ironic.... I give this thread 10 more posts before it gets locked.
  9. Actually the two situations have a lot in common. I listed the common factors. One common factor implies you can't say they have nothing in common. Sure you're right about Arain Foster was a lot closer to RB1 duties than William Powell was. But you can't say they have nothing in common, especially not after we have already gone over this. 1. They both went undrafted. 2. Neither was the starting RB1. 3. They both lead the preseason in rushing. 4. They both had extremely high yards per rush in preseason. Again you are getting upside confused with floor or realistic expectation. Ken
  10. Sure this is a nice list. But you are failing to acknowledge the fact that these guys are all pretty much owned. Any competitive 12 team league just about all of these guys are rostered if not all. That being said, none of these guys has the upside William Powell has. So while you are coming in here with your "counter argument" you aren't actually realizing that William Powell can be had free of waiver priority at the expense of your worst player right now. That is as cheap as a "lottery ticket" comes. Sure Powell's floor is a bit a ways from those guys, but his ceiling is much higher.
  11. hunter battle bush and jacquizz all have potential roles in their offense/have produced already. toby/goodson/richardson are useless at the moment. i'm torn between joique and powell myself ... joique is in a similar situation but better offense. and his name is joique. Yeah I edited it, Quizz and Bilal Powell have paths to expanded playing time without injury. Battle could be a goal line back too, so those guys have potential value even without injury.
  12. I love watching these hype train threads. I'll throw some cold water here- what reason is there for owning this guy over the following RB's? Kendall Hunter Jacquizz Rodgers Joique Bell Toby Gerhart Mike Goodson Bilal Powell Daryl Richardson Jackie Battle What do they all have in common? They will all be essentially fantasy worthless UNLESS the guy in front of them gets hurt (Bilal Powell could take over without injury, same with Jacquizz). Not to say they don't have value, I own several of them. And inevitably some of the starters will get hurt, maybe Ryan Wiliiams is one of them.
  13. Intriguing name but its going to take another injury for him to be relevant which puts him in the same camp as Kendall Hunter, Mike Goodson, Jackie Battle, or any of the other backups behind old/injury prone backs. And since the ARI O Line is awful and offense as a whole isn't good I would rather have one of those other backups if your holding upside backup RB's.
  14. Not able to watch this, curious to hear how he looks. Might send a lowball offer for him but I really am wary. If he gets smashed again his owners are going to be furious. Don't blame em. Looks like he;s getting smoked early to start. Oh my god... 4 runs already.
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