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  1. Is this guy tipping his pitches or something?
  2. 8.0 innings of shut out ball (and no walks) again last night. Glad I took the right side of the fence I was on.
  3. I am really on the fence as well. Bought him as a guy that I can rely on to stabilize ratios and he's doing everything but.
  4. I watch this guy every night and he does nothing for me. Whether he's catching, throwing, running, swinging, he looks like he's in pain every time he's in motion. It's really sad to see the Bryzzo tandem fall apart as much as it has.
  5. Maybe Joey can drop the act like I always mention and just stick to baseball. He tends to get inside himself a little too much lately with all his quirky antics. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes out that he has a personality disorder. He's hilarious, but I think something is actually wrong with him.
  6. Like I said for those of us in QS leagues, meaning we don't use the outdated, frivolous Win category, we use QS.. which is also diminishing in value even with pitch counts, etc. K's will be racked up by your high end K/9 middle relievers like Trivino, Pressly, Ottavino, Alvarado etc. 4 SPs and 9 RP. With one of those RPs rotating on the bench when you know they won't be used for the night because they worked the past 2 nights, etc. You basically never stream, and never sit there with a headache about "should I start this starter tonight or not" or why did the manager have to pull my guy a
  7. Harold Reynolds on MLB Tonight spoke about it last night.
  8. As far as fantasy is concerned, it's exactly why I've gone with 4 starters this year and reached for absolutely no one other than Marquez by a rd or so. Pitching is changing and for those of us in QS leagues who also count Saves+Holds.. there is a new way of drafting and constructing your pitchers. You go with all super ratio high end K/9 middle relievers, and a few SP/RP guys like Diego Castillo, Stanek, Lugo types. What you get is winning ratios, K's and Saves+Holds. While all those managers wasted high picks on starters, you just secured yourself guys like Goldy, Yelich, Hoskins, Chapman, e
  9. Bat manufacturers have also been changing tech so that they can compete with other makers and are basically saying "we can give you an extra 5% exit velo" by the way they are shaping and cutting the bats. Juiced balls, super bats, s---y weather = s---y pitching.
  10. How much longer does Brett Gardner get a look at lead off? Ever look at his post season stats? .202/.252 life time? Wow...
  11. The entire Reds coaching staff are first year coaches/managers except for 1 guy. This team will be a mess all year.
  12. He's 26, a sore shoulder isn't going to last forever.
  13. If I had to estimate the percentage of casuals to serious managers, I'd say it's something like 70% casual, 30% serious on Yahoo. Of those casuals, I bet they wouldn't even be able to answer what the stat OBP actually accounts for beyond just "getting on base".
  14. If anyone else is having trouble. Yahoo decided to change your default email to your yahoo username @ yahoo.com I never personally used yahoo mail before, so it was going to this address instead of my personal that I've always used on the site. There's a drop down below on the mock draft lobby.
  15. How do you get the results of your mock drafts emailed to you? Somehow that's stopped this season?
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