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  1. All true. It’s the Rays and they are winning. I want him up too but why disrupt a winning combination?
  2. Hope you’re right, He still has to be added to the 40 man.
  3. Sorry. I wrote it out quick. Yes we use FAB. I’d probably bid $10. 15 team league. My pitching: Woodruff, Trevor Rodgers, T Walker, Alzolay Alzolay now on IL Relief: Barlow, Tepara, Hendricks, Clase
  4. Snell is on waivers. Is he worth picking up? WHIR
  5. Been hitting well lately. Might have to give him a look at 3B [....]
  6. Yup. Can you imagine resting Gehrig or Ripken?
  7. Very close to dropping. The league figured him out.
  8. If Super 2 is next week then I bet it’s in 2 weeks. We’ll see.
  9. That’s today’s baseball. Pitch counts and Metrics really now overdone. Let them pitch.
  10. Thank you. Please see my reply to your pist. Holds do count in our league. Sorry if I was vague. I should have said Standard scoring plus holds.
  11. IWinker might have to be in the deal. I really like Winker but getting back Trout and Bieber will require something significant. I agree on Alonso and Rogers as pieces. What is the rest of your team? Thank you with my Replace post
  12. I don’t know if it could be done structurally at Fenway.
  13. Are the drops Chatwood, Vaughn, Contreras?
  14. Our league requires all slots to be filled.
  15. I am in a 15 team standard scoring league.I need to activate Taijuan Walker from IL but my roster has a-lot of inflexibility right now. Finding it is the trick.I’m also dealing Rendon’s struggles and don’t have a replacement so I can bench him. I also want to add either Advert Adzolay or Poteet. What are my options? WHIR We have Holds as a separate category C Mercedes, William Contreras, 1B Freeman, 2B Chisholm, 3B Rendon, Ss Correra, OF Winker, Mancini, Adolis Garcia, Arozarena, Kiriloff, Vaughn Mukti Position Josh Rojas 2B SS OF, Vaughn OF 1B Mancini OF 1B IL JD Davis
  16. That new car smell is rapidly going away
  17. He’s my third rounder and I’m considering dropping him. Crazy thoughts
  18. Hopefully rebounds. Can’t drop yet. Catcher eligible DH. Uou get everyday at bats at the Catcher position. Not bad.
  19. I don’t know. He is the face of the franchise. Unless the O’s have a mutual understanding with him it would be kind of cold to deal him especially after his cancer recovery..
  20. I keep saying the deference to pitch counts and metrics is infuriating. Could you imagine trying to take out Bob Gibson, Jack Morris or Roy Halliday out after 70 pitches.? Tells you how all this is making a mockery of the game.
  21. Pitch counts are ruing the game. The barometer should be innings pitched. I like this guy. Just let him pitch.
  22. And relevancy in Tampa. Where are they in the pecking order? Are they third behind the Buccaneers and Lightning?
  23. Hopefully it’s Duran time soon.
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