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  1. 9 hours ago, Redsfan34 said:

    I would be shocked and disappointed if he wasn’t up by the ASB. With the way he is handling AAA pitching, and guys like Walls and Brosseau in front of him...it doesn’t make sense for a team with WS aspirations to leave that kind of talent down. 

    All true. It’s the Rays and they are winning. I want him up too but why disrupt a winning combination?



  2. 2 hours ago, Wytchclt55 said:

    So today marks a relatively meaningful day. According to calculations by Jeff Zimmerman, based on the previous super 2 dates since 2009 today would be the “latest” date for a call-up and a team to get the extra year. If we’re playing the prediction game I’d say some time in the next week or two. If I had to say a specific day I’d say this Friday at home vs BAL or 6/22.vsBOS.

    Hope you’re right, He still has to be added to the 40 man. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, nlm said:

    Basically this. Does your league use FAB? How much would you be  willing to bid? How deep is your league? What does your pitching look like? Do you have anyone who you can drop?

    On and so on. If you don't help us out a little, we can't really help you.

    Sorry. I wrote it out quick. Yes we use FAB. I’d probably bid $10. 15 team league.

    My pitching:

    Woodruff, Trevor Rodgers, T Walker, Alzolay

    Alzolay now on IL

    Relief: Barlow, Tepara, Hendricks, Clase

  4. 1 hour ago, killa3312 said:

    He had that one rough series against Charlotte where he went 2-24 with 5 strikeouts but he’s been dominant besides that. Gotta figure it’s only a matter of weeks before he is up.

    If Super 2 is next week then I bet it’s in 2 weeks. We’ll see.

  5. 15 hours ago, Bandito said:

    Agreed. Without Holds, I’d go with Williams as well. I drafted him this year in my non-holds league for the K’s and hopefully ERA. That experiment lasted about two weeks before I let him go. 

    Return the favor?


    Thank you. Please see my reply to your pist.

    Holds do count in our league.  Sorry if I was vague. I should have said Standard scoring plus holds.

  6. 21 hours ago, Bandito said:

    I’m in first in a 10-team Roto by one point. Another team is on a steady slide from 2nd to sixth over the last three weeks and is looking to shake things up. We’re discussing a multiplayer deal. We haven’t figured out all the pieces yet, but at its core would be HIS Trout and Bieber for MY Winker (or maybe Mancini), maybe a CI (possibly Donaldson or Alonso) and Rogers.

    I know Rogers for Bieber is a win for me, and one of Alonso/Donaldson normally is on my bench when both are healthy, so I can afford to use one to facilitate a deal.  I think I’d prefer it be Alonso since it’s an OBP league.

    Where I’m uncertain is comparing four months of Winker to what might only be only 2½ months of Trout. Is that too big a gap to make this deal worth it?  Better to stay the course?

    Thoughts?  Leave your link. 

    IWinker might have to be in the deal. I really like Winker but getting back Trout and Bieber will require something significant.  I agree on Alonso and Rogers as pieces. What is the rest of your team?


    Thank you with my Replace post

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  7. 1 hour ago, mks said:

    if they only built their new staduims with a retractable roof on it like seattle milw houston tex az and miami did the rain out in baseball would almost be a thing of the past. only boston fenway and wrigley should ever have a rain problem but even both of them could be configured with a retractable canopy like seattle has.

    I don’t know if it could be done structurally at Fenway. 

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  8. I am in a 15 team standard scoring league.I need to activate Taijuan Walker from IL but my roster has a-lot of inflexibility right now. Finding it is the trick.I’m also dealing Rendon’s struggles and don’t have a replacement so I can bench him. I also want to add either Advert Adzolay or Poteet.

    What are my options? WHIR We have Holds as a separate category

    C Mercedes, William Contreras, 1B Freeman, 2B Chisholm, 3B Rendon, Ss Correra, OF Winker, Mancini, Adolis Garcia, Arozarena, Kiriloff, Vaughn

    Mukti Position Josh Rojas 2B SS OF, Vaughn OF 1B  Mancini OF 1B

    IL JD Davis


    Woodruff, Kaprielian Trevor Rogers

    Relief Hendricks, Clase, Devin Williams, Chatwood

    IL Taijuan Walket



  9. 3 hours ago, varock said:

    .103 ISO and only 4 XBH in the month of May (one of them against a certain 3-0 47mph pitch). With him being exclusively UTIL eligible in many leagues, it’s getting tough to stomach. How are we feeling about him moving forward? 

    Hopefully rebounds.  Can’t drop yet.  Catcher eligible DH.  Uou get everyday at bats at the Catcher  position. Not bad. 

  10. 32 minutes ago, Jyeatbvg said:

    Have the O's been actively trading him or is it just because the O's aren't going anywhere this year? What would the ideal landing spots be?

    I don’t know. He is the face of the franchise. Unless the O’s have a mutual understanding with him it would be kind of cold to deal him especially after his cancer recovery..


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