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  1. Pitch counts are ruing the game. The barometer should be innings pitched. I like this guy. Just let him pitch.
  2. And relevancy in Tampa. Where are they in the pecking order? Are they third behind the Buccaneers and Lightning?
  3. Hopefully it’s Duran time soon.
  4. That’s not allowed in today’s baseball. Metrics should be a tool nor the end all end all.
  5. What happens when Pederson returns? Bote won the 2B job out of camp. Has he esupplanted him?
  6. I’m probably going to add him again.
  7. And that’s problem with baseball today.
  8. He had a bad series. . Have to give him a few weeks at least. He is a cheap source of power.
  9. I think he had a good Spring Training.
  10. I remember they kept Longoria down the first two weeks then brought him up. Hopefully the same for Franco.
  11. I agree about the font. The light blue is not readable. The powers that be say they aren’t changing it. Also it’s disappointing you can’t change the theme now..
  12. Well if he was your back up and nothing else on waivers you start him especially because Mahomes was inactive.
  13. Actually they’ve been saying Laird could be the sneaky pick up but Bowden could the sneaky one
  14. Still concerned about the loss of TE eligibility
  15. ESPN chose to give him the designation and should stick with it the rest of the year. It would be unfair to those that picked him up for that purpose. Think of it as muti position eligibility like Fantasy Baseball.
  16. If ESPN reserves the right to strip him of his TE eligibility it does make FAAB more complicated.
  17. Still thinking Ahmed could be the guy. Sort of like Gaskin coming out of nowhere.
  18. Hopefully he’s traded today. Doubt it happens.
  19. One poster said Night Train Lane and Ronnie Lott couldn’t play in this NFL. I’d also say the same for Lawerence Taylor not to mention the Steel Curtain. So yeah Bo has a point perhaps a little exaggerated but true. Let’s face it the NFL wants offense. It benefits the lucrative fantasy market and gambling. Any rules skewed against the defense they are for.
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