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  1. One poster said Night Train Lane and Ronnie Lott couldn’t play in this NFL. I’d also say the same for Lawerence Taylor not to mention the Steel Curtain. So yeah Bo has a point perhaps a little exaggerated but true. Let’s face it the NFL wants offense. It benefits the lucrative fantasy market and gambling. Any rules skewed against the defense they are for.
  2. The Bengals also might bring up Jacque Patrick from the practice squad
  3. Keep an eye on Ty Johnson. Gase said he’ll also see time along with Adams.
  4. Eduardo Rodriguez of the Red Sox had it this year. He had to be shutdown due to a heart ailment caused by Covid.
  5. I believe so. Waivers would extend a day.
  6. Trying to wait and see what Akers’ status is for game-day so will have to wait. If he’s out I’ll just add him to my IR and add Harris then stash him there too. Just debating if I can wait that long.
  7. I’m using Cronenworth now. Marte is on the bench
  8. I like Winker. He has a JD Davis vibe. My only concern is how many games the Reds will have postponed.
  9. I think it’s days. Unfortunately the Covid outbreak could delay any call up.
  10. Is it worth stashing him now? Is this really service time and be up next week?
  11. On the bench today. That’s 2 out of the first 3 games sitting. Not a good trend.
  12. He might have started last night because his family was there. The Rangers and Rockies made arrangements. His father also has ALS.
  13. ESPN has him listed as DTD. right now
  14. Could Cuomo (NY) and Baker (MA) deny teams entry into their states from hotspots like Florida? What happens to say the Yankees or returning from Florida? There is a 14 day quarantine right now.
  15. Exactly. Players are coming in from all corners including hot spots. That includes all staff, TV and radio. Even without fans these games will still have more than 50 people involved far more than the recommended 5-10 for gatherings. How do you social distance in a dugout or when you are on base? Not practical at all.
  16. Maybe they go after Austin Hooper. He is a FA.
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