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  1. The guy to keep an eye on could be Whyte.
  2. I said this in the D Johnson thread. Cain could have an impact. He has practiced with the first team this week.
  3. Keep an eye on Deon Cain.First team practice this week.
  4. Stupid rule that favors offenses over defense . Needs to go.
  5. Moore, Carr, Tannehill I have Sutton Gallop Watkins, D Williams. Need another WR kind of mediocre. still 4-3
  6. Thanks. Hate losing Carson but Foles could muddy Minshew’s situation
  7. I’d go Thomas. Tons of targets. Saints have a better offense and sometimes Hopkins gets the short pass.
  8. I was offered Rodgers and Singletary for Chris Carson. I just lost Mahomes. i have Gore but my backs outside iof Carson are so so at best. Ronald Jones, Duke Johnson, Mixon, Benny Snell. Minshew is my backup. I just might fo it. Thoughts? WHIR
  9. I think I mentioned this before. Due to ESPN’s undroppable player rule I’m stuck with him.
  10. I want to add both Benny Snell and D Henderson. The problem is we are allowed only 5 running backs. My Backs Connor, Coleman, Shady, Mattison and Edmonds. is it possible to add both? Who do I drop? WHIR
  11. He’s on our undroppable list so I’m stuck with him.
  12. We are allowed 5 RB so I have to drop one to pick up Darrel Henderson. My backs are Connor, Shady, Coleman, Edmonds and Mattison. Is Edmonds the drop? Mattison does have flex value. WHIR
  13. I know this should be in another forum but drop Edmonds for Henderson?
  14. Watched some of the highlights from Notre Dame on You Tube. Now granted it was highlights not a full game but from what I saw he didn’t look bad at alk.
  15. The trouble with this is the Q tag on him in ESPN. Have to activate him to make any waiver move. Just figuring out potential drops.
  16. Dexter Williams, Packers. Jamaal Williams took a big hit yesterday.
  17. Moderators delete if this has been mentioned. Darius Slayton
  18. My RB are Shady, Connor, J Samuels, Mostert and Darrell Williams. We can only roster 5 RB. I want to add 2 RB from the following: Mattison, R Penny, Ajayi, Damien Harris Which 2 and are the drops Mostert and Samuels? WHIR
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