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  1. I actually like your team. Good backs and wr core. I think Winston will be looking OJ's way. Decent defense.
  2. I was going off the reports that Guice is the starter
  3. Thanks everyone: Dropping AP for Hill and keeping Samuels.
  4. I’d gamble on Hardman. Love that offense. thanks with mine
  5. I have Connor, Guice Samuels, Justin Jackson and Adrian Peterson as my running backs. Drop Samuels for Justin Hill and Peterson for Shady? WHIR
  6. What a concept. Let them pitch? Totally agree with you!!!
  7. I was offered Mecole Hardman for my WR Tyler Lockett. Thoughts? WHIR
  8. Agree. Whatever happened to honoring a contract? Just say he’s in breach and don’t pay him.
  9. Definitely get Kittle. To avoid losing a first the drop might have to be Cooper due to his foot injury. Keep an eye on that. Further Gallop looks like a WR 1 which would allow the Cowboys to not rush anything with Cooper. Thank you with mine
  10. I’m in a league where we are required to keep 2,players. After that we can keep as many as we want. Keepers lock on Friday. Draft on Saturday. Who are my keepers? WHIR Saquan Barkley, Melvin Gordon, Ju Ju Smith Schuster, George Kittle, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen QB Buffalo, jusin Jackson RB Chatgers, Dontrelke Inman, Charcandrick West, Tyler Lockett, Marlon Mack, Demarcus Robinson, Will Lutz, Seahawks D
  11. It may have been asked elsewhere. What is with all the negativity with this guy? It’s true he could be boom or bust. I say just enjoy the production. Not easy to get this kind of power so late in the season.
  12. Picked him up as a sub for Taris Jr. He’ll stay on my team once Tatis returns. And yes Coors is a nice bonus
  13. I want to add both JD Davis and Scott Kingery. Who should I drop from these players? Mercado, Eloy Jimenez, Willie Calhoun or Meadows? WHIR
  14. Red Sox should pick him up. They need pirching in the bullpen. Potential is there.
  15. Welcome to the land of sabermetrics. Starters that can’t go 5 innings so you have to have a bunch of mediocre reief pitchers at the expense of a true bench.
  16. Just saw your post. It’s not a thrill. Still needs to be the starter for me. A bullpen aided perfect game is just not the same thing.
  17. I think Team A wins. Would not want to lose Yelich. Guerrero has potential but has not shown it yet. Thank you for your help with mine.
  18. Want to add Lamet but having a hard time finding the correct drop. We are a 14 team H2H league. My current staff: Buehler, Soroka, Sonny Gray. RPYates, Hader, Carlos Martinez and Poche from Tampa Bay. We count holds so I’m not dropping Poche My Hitters: D Jansen, Vogelbach, Altuve, Suarez, Tatis Jr Soto, Gallo, Eloy Jimenez, Loutrdes Gurriel Bench: Riley, Swanson, Meadows, Kingery, Roberto Perez. I want to keep 2 catchers for the stretch. Very shallow position. Thoughts? WHIR
  19. Should I pick up Gallen or Luzardo or hold for now? WHIR My ream: Chirinos, Vogelelbach, Altuve, Suarez, Tatis Hr, Kingery, Soto, Eloy Jimenez Bench: L Gurriel, Riley, Cron, Swanson, Meadows. Multi position: Gurriel, Riley, Kingery IL Gallo Buehler, Soroka, Framber Valdez, Canning Bullpen : Holds are a separate category Yates, Hader, Hicks, Amir Garrett
  20. How will this affect Gurriel’s playing time going forward? He was out of the lineup last night. Grichuk also played. Is this going to be a rotation of sorts?
  21. Workman or Kahnle? Both seem solid in ERA WHIP and K/9. Who is the best choice ROS? I’m in a league that counts holds as a separate category.. WHIR
  22. If he’s dealing keep him in there. The pitch count is an artificial barometer.
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