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  1. Want to add Vogelbach. I added Verdugo yesterday by dropping Eovaldi. I have Astudillio as my second carcher due the lack of catching on waivers. Is Wong the drop? My ream: Alfaro, Gallo, Altuve , E Suarez, Tatis Jr, Soto, Robles, E Jimenez,, D Santana, Meadows, Y Gurriel, Wong, Dejong, Verdugo  Hicks, Peacock, Buehler, Flaherty, Paddock, Hader, Yates WHIR
  2. Alfaro is my only catcher and I want to add Astudillo as a second. My ream: Alfaro, Gallo, Altuve , E Suarez, Tatis Jr, Soto, Robles, E Jimenez,, D Santana, Meadows, Y Gurriel, Wong, Dejong Hicks, Peacock, Buehler, Flaherty, Paddock, Hader, Yates Eovaldi Who is the drop? we are a 14 ream standard scoring league. WHIR
  3. I think they need Sandy Leon back. Can’t hit but he’s a good game caller and the pitchers like throwing to him. Good defensive catcher with a great arm. Perhaps he’d help the pitching staff settle down.
  4. Thanks. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPad. I use my phone alot. The thing is all of this available last year on the old site. ESPN really has blown it.
  5. Not seeing it on my phone on the website or on the app. How did you find it?
  6. I think I mentioned this earlier. When using my phone no Batter v Pitcher. They sren’t putting in games playrd at other positions on the eligibility tab. I always get the sorry for your inconveniance response. I also fet conflicted responses. Eliminated due to the new format or we are working on it and will reintroduce in a timely manner. Any way to pressure them to scrap the new format?
  7. Pitch counts are ridiculous. It’s about innings not pitches. Just ask Nolan Ryan.
  8. Other things I’ve noticeed regarding ESPN They aren’t updating games played at other positions under eligibility Batter v Pitcher wasn’t working for me Scoreboard is glitchy
  9. He’s listed at First Base on ESPN. They have yet to show the amount of games played at second under eligibility.
  10. I’d say A Sanchez Toronto. Thanks for your help.
  11. Drop Hernan Perez for Fernando Tatis Jr? Perez does have Eligibility all over the place. Other options are Domingo Santana or Austin Meadows. My Shortstop ids Dejong. WHIR
  12. I’m thinking about dropping either D Santana or Dejong. Thoughts?
  13. In a 14 teamer I’m always up in the air when it comes to drafting my SP 1. Go hitting 1st 4 rounds or go hitting first 3 then SP 1.
  14. On average what rounds are Buehler and Flaherty going?
  15. 1 Cut Conforto 2 Moncada Conforto Gsellman Ramos 3 catcher SP 4 Perhaps try to move Price and Kemp for either a catcher ot Pitcher 5 Anderson is definitely an improvement. Hope that helps. Thank you with mine
  16. I can’t see your signature so I don’t know your players. Saying that I understand your position. Either player should yield quality playets. If you do want to move a player I’d say Arenado. Ramirez has come into his own and only getting better. Thanks with mine
  17. I would do it. With Grienke you’d have a great rotation for the stretch run. Thanks with mine.
  18. Who should I drop for Eovaldi? Should I stand pat? We are a H2H redraft league. We count holds My roster: Wilson Contreras Muncy Alluve E Suarez Dejong Benintedi Cain Soto Jesus Aguilar Bench: Cargo Bellinger Jose Martiniz Yairo Munuz Pitchers: We have a minimum of 3 Starts. McCullers Manea Maeda Jansen Hader Dominguiz Hicks Norris DL Carlos Martinez WHIR
  19. Is there any value here? Is his current production sustainable? If so he is intriguing. Multi position eligibility at 1B and SS soon to be 3B.
  20. What's the best option? Keep Mike Soroka or drop him for Fernando Rodney? we are a 14 team redraft WHIR
  21. Is Hernandez the drop? I have Dejong as a backup 2B and SS.
  22. I can't see your team but I'd add DeShields. Hot right now and can steal bases. Thank you with mine.
  23. Junis. I agree with others about his periphials. Help me with mine
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