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  1. Could not agree more... only problem is they allow it...and the scumbag goes by so many alias' I have been in contact with people who have actually tried to track him down...in Florida you would think forums like this would be able to weed people like him out after soooo much time.....
  2. leaguesafe? i will do it....everyone paid?
  3. if anyone can't pay or happens to quit...I can pay ASAP.....emersonrocks246@yahoo.com
  4. you have to make league viewable to the public...cannot access
  5. i will take seattle send invite....do I need to keep 25 or can I keep less and have more picks? emersonrocks246@yahoo.com
  6. yahoo says i have maxed out my team allotments....sorry maybe next time...thanks anyway
  7. send invite..will pay asap...........emersonrocks246@yahoo.com
  8. i will do it..............will pay asap emersonrocks246@yahoo.com send invite
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