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  1. The shoulder was supposed to put him on the DL. Get on it Braves.
  2. Finally had to cut the guy loose in a 12 teamer. Just terrible.
  3. Glasnow out before 60 pitches...shaking his arm out throughout the game....eessshhh.
  4. Sorry I worded that weird, he was pitching (mid at bat with Brandon Belt). Def looked like it was a leg / groin thing so there's hope for Max owners.
  5. The vid I watched Max looked like he was shaking out his leg. Tapped his right quad / groin area.
  6. Mad Max leaving game in middle of an at bat? That seems not good.
  7. Chances that Acuna is in the lineup?
  8. Please just be side effects from the shot. Get well, Corbin.
  9. Players have to be placed on the IL by this evening, right? Anyone aware of how this works?
  10. Looking for Eloy replacements off the scrap heap and he is one of the top available I think. Batting cleanup it looks like. Didn't see any mentions of platooning but not a lot of coverage on Kyle Schwarber :lol: Any locals know anything?
  11. All over Twitter now, numerous reports. Probably legit at this point. Sucks big time.
  12. The vid I watched (was a real doc, but of course just watching video) went on for about 6 minutes and it was all bad, bad, bad. Lots of "torn" being tossed out by him. Even his best cases sounded bad Hopefully clarity from his actual docs today.
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