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  1. New York weather doesn't look too bad. I assume this game happens today (please).
  2. I’m hoping just little extra rest. No one else pulled though.
  3. Did Ketel leave the game just due to blow out? No injury plz.
  4. Zero news on this guy. He should be back this week I thought, went from a small bruise with a day off to two weeks.
  5. Ok so what’s the excuse for not bringing the kid up at this point?
  6. When is the big man going to be back in the Bronx. Not seeing any updates.
  7. I never buy this “he’s just resting his shoulder today” type stuff that was being said about Bellinger yesterday. Need you big man, be healthy today.
  8. Dropped weeks ago in 12 teamer. Was picked up for his double starts this week where he proceeded to blow up his teams peripherals twice. Low K rate makes him worthless when he’s going bad.
  9. People are getting impatient. Was dropped in a 12 team league with shallow benches.
  10. Will be happy if he’s back in early May.
  11. It was fun while it lasted. Expecting the worst. Barking elbow sounds not so good.
  12. Joe Mauer! My friend is a PT. I asked her about this term when they used that years ago. She said something like "that's not a real thing, that guy has a bad back". 😃
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