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  1. Was BA's breakout pick. Was on Law's just miss list. Goldstein said this today... Yankees 12:20 Luis Medina (P-Yankees). He had a nice winter ball. Does the industry think he has enough control to stick as a starter, or the back end of the bullpen? Trust the Yankees development team? Kevin Goldstein 12:21 I watched him pitch yesterday and it's crazy good stuff, but like you say, the command still has a ways to go. So young, and plenty of time, but I'd be excited about the upside. Yankees are VERY good at developing, among other things, so be optimistic.
  2. Keith Law's # 20. Ranks him ahead of Sixto #25 for comparisons sake due to Cabrera's plus plus change that he says might be an 80 grade pitch.
  3. Played winter ball this year.. Luis Medina, RHP (Yankees No. 11) Medina allowed two runs over five innings to earn the win in his first playoff start for Mayaguez (Puerto Rico). He issued three walks and gave up a pair of hits in the contest, striking out four against Atenienses De Manati. The 21-year-old right-hander was the most electric pitcher during the LBPRC regular season, leading the league in ERA (0.54), WHIP (0.78) and strikeouts (32). He also held the opposition to a .125 average (also league-best) in 16 2/3 innings, averaging 17.3 K/9 over four starts. htt
  4. He has a 40 grade arm so it's not a realistic pipe dream.
  5. Was looking at Fangraph's Prospect Board. Kind of amazed that he has an average exit velocity (Ave EV) of 101 mph. The next closest are three other hitters tied with 96 mph Avg EV. If that information is correct, that seems quite notable. https://www.fangraphs.com/prospects/the-board/2020-in-season-prospect-list/scouting-position?sort=14,1&type=2
  6. ^^ I'm with you, abolish inter-league play. I don't need to see Mike Trout once every 3-years when I can watch his every game via one of the nation's largest tele-providers for free (T-mobile). Inter-league play serves no purpose in the age of internet. Get rid of it. It was fun for a few years, now it's a nuisance. Fantasy players think the DH is good because all their turd hitters get a chance that might not otherwise get a chance. All it does is add more parity to offense making everyone more inter-changeable in the end. Unless you play in really deep leagues that is.
  7. This year's 11th overall pick, draws a lot of Chris Sale comps and starts his career like Sale in the bullpen. Just wanted to start a thread on him because I find him interesting. Made his MLB debut last night and had 2 ks in one shut out inning touching 101 mph. Mike Leake (2009) and Brandon Finnegan (2014) were the last to accomplish this feat of debuting in the MLB the same year they were drafted. https://www.mlb.com/news/garrett-crochet-white-sox-top-2020-draft-pick-called-up
  8. Eflin... “I think it’s awesome,” he said. “To me, they feel a little softer and you can definitely notice the seams a little more. Last year, it was like throwing a cue ball.” https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/phillies/zach-eflin-mlb-new-baseballs-grip He's just one guy. Anyone else?
  9. Which Luis Medina do we get this year? Overreacting to small spring training sample sizes here... 3 IP, 0 BB, 4K, 1R, 0ER, 3H.
  10. https://www.fangraphs.com/players/shun-yamaguchi/27460/stats?position=P
  11. Can't believe I'm starting a topic on Zach Davies, but here I am, following Preller's path. Heard loose Kyle Hendricks comps in the past. Anyway, lets cut to the chase, career splits... Home: IP 328.2; ERA 4.55; WHIP 1.34; HR 46 Away: IP 285.2; ERA 3.18; WHIP 1.25; HR 24 His K/9 blows, so he's not a roto play, but damn, I'll take those ratio's to fill out my staff in H2H on the cool coast. Don't start vs LAD and at Coors and he should produce excellent ratios.
  12. Two for you, one stat guy and one scout guy. Stat guy: -Daulton Jefferies, P - Oak - Give me the guy with the ZIPS WHIP projection of 1.16 which ranks tied for the 17th-21st best WHIP in all of MLB with established MLB starters David Price, Mike Soroka and Carlos Carrasco (min 10 GS). Let that sink in, he's projected to be a top 20 WHIP starting MLB pitcher right now, which is a scoring category in almost every league. I get why he doesn't rank on prospect list, he small (6'0'') and he's a tj guy, but these under the radar value prospects quickly become personal favorites when I come
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