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That Magic QB to WR Synergy


Let's break this down, shall we?  

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  1. 1. QB

    • Garcia
    • Garrard
  2. 2. Pick Only 2

    • Antonio Bryant
    • Hines Ward
    • Mewelde
    • Deuce

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Part 1: You know what I mean. It's 2007. A team has Brady and Moss on the same roster. And they slap the taste out of your mouth. The next week, it's Anderson and Braylon. Then Romo and TO. It's like a nightmare that keeps getting worse, and you for once, want to do that to somebody else. The scoreboard lights up, seemingly in exponents, to the point where you think someone is cheating.

By no means am I suggesting that Jeff Garcia and Antonio Bryant are going to suddenly turn into players that they are not...but should I play them both?

This would mean sitting Garrard and sitting 2 out of these 3: Mewelde Hines, Deuce.

Part 2: If I do this, who plays: Mewelde, Hines or Deuce?

Leave a Link. 1pm ET approaches!

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