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Who gets the better side ???

Who gets the better side of this deal ?  

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  1. 1. Who gets the better side of this deal ?

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I think I threw up a little reading the part about Duncan. Oden will never be in Duncan's class. Let's just get that out there.

There are guys that are athletes and guys that are basketball players. Oden may be big and strong and can run and jump, but I don't think he is the basketball player that Duncan is and I don't think he ever will will be.

I considered Oden to be overhyped (injury aside) and felt he was going way too high in drafts. I think he has the potential to be an excellent defender and muscle that will controll the post, but I'm not holding my breath on his offensive skills yet. He looks stiff and awkward in there at times. I don't know if he will ever be a 20 point scorer like everyone is counting on.

I think he has the most upside in this deal, but you guys arent' even addressing the other parts.

All things being equal (injuries), I think T.J. Ford should clearly be better than Udrih and it is a dynasty and Hawes will blossum for the Kings. He hasnt' even been addressed yet in this thread. He looks a lot like the guy he is set to replace in Brad Miller, but is probably more athletic. He was a 12-7-3-1.5 guy in the 8 games he started as a rookie last year and his game will continue to grow. What if he becomes a legit 15-9-4-1.5 guy and moves into bonafide 4th round center territory? Would that change your mind?

I think

Oden > Horford

Udrih < Ford

Gomes < Hawes

It is kind of a pick your side type of trade.

Well thanks Czar as always. You just made me feel alot better about my trade. Also not that I wish any injury or harm on anyone but the injury risk was just too high for me with Oden and look what happened. Even if these MRI's come back negative, I think Oden will be hampered by injuries all season but thats just my opinion.

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