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Beckett+Zito for Jered Weaver+Penny+Bailey


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So, I've been back and forth with this guy on trades. He countered my last offer with:

I get:

Josh Beckett and Barry Zito

I give:

Jered Weaver, Homer Bailey, Brad Penny

The FA Starting pitchers are pretty s---y, but I could probably find a streamable option week to week.




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He'd likely keep Weaver and Bailey for the next 2 years as 'Redshirt' keepers, meaning he'd only get to play them 5 games each.

I likely wouldn't get to keep either Becks or Zito, as my 'A' keeper will be Soriano or Rollins.

I'm already keeping Dice-K as my redshirt, would have to find another young guy...but Gallardo, Miller(s), Pence, Braun, Lincecum are all already owned. Could add Dukes, Chris Young (OF), Clippard, Clay Buchholz or Mike Pelfrey though...

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It's actually that: He would only be able to play Bailey and Weaver 5 games THIS YEAR, then get to keep them for free the next 2 years (where they would get to play as many games as he wants each of those seasons).

Does that change anyone's analysis?


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Its a good deal. Zito is getting hot right now after a very very bad start and Beckett is going for the Cy Young. YOu are buying low on Zito and selling high on Penny. Good deal....If you are undecided give Bailey one more start....Hughes and Lincecum throw a lot better after the first start....maybe he'll impress us all.....

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Depends on what you are trying to do...if you are trying to win this year then i like the zito and beckett trade...but if you are looking down the road over the next two years you are trading guys who could be aces on each of their staffs...penny does slow down second half...but i think one of these years he will have a full season and do it year in and year out...weaver and bailey have so much potential...

it comes down to this...

this year....zito and beckett

past this year....weaver, penny, bailey

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