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Ethics Question??


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And on a separate note, would you please stop playing the victim everytime people disagree with you? Not everyone has to reach the same logical conclusions as you with regards to ethics and when a lot of people do disagree with you it's probably a sign that you may not be right in your ethical philosophy. This "I give up," "This is why I have a 3 star rating" woe-is-me attitude is getting old and quite frankly, frigging annoying. I have a 1 star rating, and I could give a crap, it's the internet. I like a lot of what you offer on this site, but the nature of any forum is that not everyone is going to agree with you 100% of the time, so when you find yourself in the minority, just man up and make your point and stop bitching about everyone disagreeing with you, especially when you're offering an unpopular opinion that subscribes to a very broad set of ethics and over-arching philosophy.

Word! I'm new and I already sensed this. His holier-than-thou attitude is unethical.

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