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I need help at the flex position this week. *League is PPR*

I have to pick one of the following:

Thomas Jones (@NE TONIGHT)

MJD (vs. TEN)

Larry Johnson (vs. NO)

The weather looks pretty bad in Foxboro tonight so Jones will probably see a lot of carries however, he has typically struggled agnst NE and besides the Dolphins game, the Pats haven't given up a rushing TD all season. MJD has a tough matchup obviously vs. the Titans great rush defense but he is usually good for a TD and helps in the return game along with catching passes. Larry Johnson probably has the best matchup out of the 3 but how much can you expect from him since Thigpen is playing so well? It sounds like the pass will set up the run and LJ might see around 15 carries. Will he see enough action to produce good numbers?

Please leave your opinion and a link if you need help!



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Gotta go with LJ. He'll get the lions share of the carries, and get a few screen passes too. Plus, I can't imagine that they don't give him the goal line carries since hes been out for so long. MJD has been too inconsistent to get the nod, and Jones hasn't been able to do anything against the Pats in their last few matchups. I expect more of the same.

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LJ is going to be "in the mix" hes not starting from what I gather....im a chiefs fan to the core...but Herm was asked repeatedly about LJ and thats all he would say...other than he has fresh legs and looked good at practice...If its not to late Id go with TJ but your probably going to do about the same with either of these 2 ....wtih LJ maybe having a slight upside advantage because of the D he is playing against


watch herms pressers..on the right of the main page

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so come on bigben who did you play....Man 3 friggin pages of replies....I think you must be helpin alot of peeps so im sure you deserve it...try a poll next time so i dont have to read all of the posts...LOL jk....I hope you took my advice to play TJ

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