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Normally a no-brainer to go with Gates, but my opponent in the Championship game has QB - Drew Brees. It's sort of nice to be able to negate points from a big gun.

Prior to last week, Shockey had been more consistent scoring 6-5-5 or something like that in weeks 12-14 compared to Gates 1-2-2. Gates looked like he had fallen off the map.


Floyd out, means more potential targets.

Playing KC defense

But wind can be a potential factor at 20mph Sunday.

7 pts last week.


Playing DET defense

Possibility to cancel Brees scores.

Only 1 point last week as he had to be kept in to block against Chicago. Probably won't be necessary this week.

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Debating on kicker as well.

Have Rackers, but playing @ NE. With potential weather issues.

Hartley (NO) kicker would cheapen Brees's TDs by a point and give me a bonus when Pierre Thomas (mine) scores.

Akers (PHI) plays WASH. Not sure when he became avl. I've been out of town. But he's been solid since McNabb's benching.

Hate that it's going to be 11degrees for the GB / CHI game. Doesn't bode well from my QB (Rogers). May have to resort to backup Shawn Hill v Rams, but that is a scary proposition.

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Gates will be beastly.

Shockey has sucked all year long and I dont see them really needing him that much in this game as far as weapons go.

Go with Gates. Gates has more potential for 10+ pts where as shockey will get 6 most likely

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