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LABR drafts held this weekend?


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Here are the people competing this year...let's hope for some leaks.


Mike Sheets, Fanball.com

Jason Grey, ESPN.com

Doug Dennis, Baseball HQ

Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton, Rotoworld

Brad Evans, Yahoo

Chris Liss, Rotowire

Greg Ambrosius/John Zaleski, NFBC

Christopher Harris, ESPN.com

Larry Schechter, Sandlot Shrink

Lawr Michaels, Creativesports.com

Todd Zola, Mastersball.com

Steve Gardner, USA TODAY

Traditionally, the LABR draft results are kept under wraps until the Fantasy Extra edition of Sports Weekly hits newsstands (this year, it's March 25), but I'll post the results of the A-Rod bidding on my blog page once the draft is over Sunday night.

Stay tuned.

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According to USA Today, here are some more:

Hanley Ramirez: $46

Jose Reyes: $45

David Wright: $44

Albert Pujols: $42

Jimmy Rollins: $40

Manny Ramirez: $33

Brandon Phillips: $29

USA Today bought the following players: Hanley Ramirez, Manny Ramirez, Brandon Phillips, Brad Lidge, Lance Berkman and Adam Dunn...He says hes gonna have to do some work on his pitching staff.

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Todd Zola (Mastersball.com) was asked to leak his team and said that he wants to follow the rules since he's a rookie...

He did, however, hint that he bought Papelbon.

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Here are Chris Liss' comments about leaking his team...I understand Todd's concern, but I think he would be in the clear. I guess it is okay for each owner to talk about his own team--not the whole draft board.

By: Chris Liss

On: 3/9/2009 11:49:00 AMI know - I was thinking Jonah would have gone 17 on Lee, especially. Was surprised and happy he stuck at 16. And Jeff's right - Steve Gardner of USA Today who commishes it, said we can talk all we want about our teams or ARod (22), but not to preempt the USA Today/Sports Weekly spread by publishing the whole thing. Finally, I was jumping several dollars at a time on players. Someone said 8 or 10 on Wieters, I said 13, and crickets. Didn't think I would get him at 13, but was happy I did. Had no plan to get him. I would just hear people start a guy at 5 and then say 16 or whatever. Trying to make them think fast rather than incrementally bid them up. Only guy I got "stuck with" was Hamilton - just thought 33 would get outbid, but was fine with him at that price. And Dalton, who ignored my advice during Saturday's NL draft entirely, urged me to go the extra buck on Upton, so I did. (I'm a sucker for the

"Upside" family, too).

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Great stuff, guys. More AL rosters, more AL rosters!!

$28 for Halladay and Sabathia seems like a good deal. I thought top notch pitchers usually went in the low to mid 30s especially with K's counting.

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mastersball.com's team...I feel like a cyber sleuth or a huge dork not sure which.....

It's both, but don't fret, I'm right there with you. I do this every year!

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Put another log on the fire. Brad Evans' team:

C: Jarrod Saltalamaccia - $8

C: Max Ramirez - $1

1B: Miguel Cabrera - $37

2B: Ben Zobrist - $1

SS: Mike Aviles - $16

3B: Evan Longoria - $29

CI: Justin Morneau - $28

MI: Elvis Andrus - $13

OF: Magglio Ordonez - $23

OF: Nelson Cruz - $18

OF: Ken Griffey - $5

OF: Brian Anderson - $1

OF: Mark Kotsay - $1

Util: David Ortiz - $22

P: David Price - $12

P: Brandon Lyon - $13

P: Fausto Caromna - $11

P: Grant Balfour - $6

P: Edwin Jackson - $4

P: David Purcey - $5

P: Dave Huff - $3

P: Hideki Okajima - $1

P: Derek Holland - $1

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