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Way In? My Situation


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At the moment:



Him: 6-3


Me: 2.70

Him: 4.33


Me: 1.19

Him: 1.20

Quality Starts

Me: 5

Him: 5

Killing him in other pitching categories.

Can win QS at the risk of loosing WHIP and Ls.

Should I risk it with Kershaw tonight or bench him?

(Cliff Lee's bullpen blowing a 7-2 lead, the rain in Nolasco's gem, Johnny Damon's "E" cause AJ Burnett's "L", and only 5.2 rather than 6 innings for the QSs for both Porcello and Kershaw cost me this week)

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I started him last night and with his domination I got that needed QS and the WHIP stayed below 1.20...I won the week 14-5.

Thanks for all the help and advice on this one. B)

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