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Just so I have this correct, this is the draft order for round 1, correct:

1. Abusement Park

2. SouthernSteeler

3. Purple People Eaters

4. I Miss football

5. Lana Turner's Lover

6. Carolina Blues

7. El Equanodon

8. I can has Roethlisberger?

9. Pack Attack

10. Trailer Park Hose

11. Unemployed Sofa Kings

12. Ill Will

Draft pick trades to account for:

Lana Turner's Lover receives Trailer Park Hoes' 3rd round pick

Unemployed Sofa Kings receives Purple People Eater's 2nd round pick

I Can Has Roethlisberger receives El Iguanodon's 2nd round pick

SouthernSteeler receives Trailer Park Hose 2012 2nd round pick

Yep that's it. Looks like we need a replacement for I Miss Football if anyone knows someone.

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everyone has gathered... shhhhhhhhh

Sorry for the delay, you guys can go ahead and pick up your draft picks and make your trades. Please don't pick up anyone but the players you drafted/traded yet. All the players are on waivers until t

Its like a sighting of big foot, very rare to see Roeth on line, lol

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It's super early but we should start looking for replacements for teams without owners. That would allow all teams to start trading and such.

I know we at least need a replacement for I Miss Football if you guys know anyone.

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Bump...ready for another great season with you fellas, hoping to take it to the next level this year.

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Sent out email to league via ESPN, also started a Roll Call thread there for people to post in if they're on board.

Let's do this, so ready!

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Just tweeted Matt Agnoli (Lana Turner's Lovers), said he is not coming back. So there is one team that will need replacement

Sad, Matt is a good owner and fun to play with.

I'd replace Kanter if nobody did already. I'm very active.

Looks like Kanter is back but perhaps you can take a look at Agnoli's team?

I'm still in. Haven't been on the boards in a while, but definitely still interested. I need a good draft and I need one now.

Welcome back, thanks for sounding in. Let's make this happen.

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Matt's team is:

Romo, Sanchez, Bradford, Skelton, Hoyer

Ingram, McGahee, Ben Tate, Ringer, Jacquizz Rodgers, Ridley, Dion Lewis, Lance Ball

Maclin, Wallace, Dez, Holmes, Cobb, Denarious Moore, Kyle Williams

Cook, Dickson, Julius Thomas

Eagles D and Matt Bryant

Dude has a beast team with lots of young potential players.

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