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I'm good for yahoo, but can't remember who it was that had an issue moving. Also, 2 years in a row now Kanter has higher picks not because of his team being bad, but because he doesn't set line up

Its like a sighting of big foot, very rare to see Roeth on line, lol

everyone has gathered... shhhhhhhhh

TEAM X selects Thomas Jones

I hope he does you good! I couldn't decide between him and mcgahee. I went with the younger guy but he might not even play much this year.

I also like the Kyle orton pick! I always thought he was good.

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I have pick 11.07 but will be gone for the evening. Is there someone I can send my pick to who will be on this evening?

Can someone tell Hoosier Smurf they're on deck? If we can get Kanter's and his in in the next 10 minutes, I can put mine in too. Otherwise, I'm outta here.

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I'm going to go against need here and take what is on many levels a risky selection. I could be wrong, but I don't think he'll make it back to me. Even if he's a bust and never plays, becomes the next Lamont Jordan (draft pick with talent but w/o opporunity), this is supposed to be fun....so bring on my next selection.

Lana Turner's Lover selects NYG RB Andre Brown.

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Round 11

El Iguanodon - Ted Ginn Jr. WR

Texas Teabaggers - Zach Miller TE

Ill Will - Kyle Orton QB

TEAM X - Thomas Jones RB

I miss Football - Julius Jones RB

Hoosier Smurfs - Brandon Pettigrew TE

Fallopian Swim Team via trade - Trent Edwards QB

Lana Turner's Lover - Andre Brown RB

Unemployed Sofa Kings - OTC

Team Zawacki -

Trailer Park Hose -

Fallopian Swim Team -

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USK will take Laurence Maroney

I hate the Patriots but he is 24 and the other backs on the roster are 32-33 so maybe he will be a step above worthless in 2010.

JayZ is OTC

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