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everyone has gathered... shhhhhhhhh

I'm good for yahoo, but can't remember who it was that had an issue moving. Also, 2 years in a row now Kanter has higher picks not because of his team being bad, but because he doesn't set line up

Its like a sighting of big foot, very rare to see Roeth on line, lol

Damn. I thought everyone hated him so I could get him later.

Sheesh, I've made that mistake like 6 picks already. You guys are good.

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Reports have been good this spring and Warner is butt old. I'm sure by the time Peyton is done Leinart will be a starter.

I agree. I still think he will be good but the way everyone calls him a bust, I figured nobody would want him but me lol.

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Damn. I thought everyone hated him so I could get him later.

Sheesh, I've made that mistake like 6 picks already. You guys are good.

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wow. my back-up TE is stirring up all kinds of interest! bahahahahahahahahaha. I always have a reason for whom I draft , I just didnt figure any1 would really give a sht, but since it seemed to stir a little interest here's what I was thinking:

I like the fact he is 6'6 250-255 only 22 years old and as a rookie grabbed 4 tds which actually tied Jason Witten and actually had more TD's than

Dustin Keller

Kellen Winslow (my starter)

Heath Miller

Owen Daniels

Zach Miller

Chris Cooley

who are all more established veteran TE's. He was also third in the NFL among all TE's in Yds per catch which means that his pre-draft 2008 40 time of 4.62/4.68 which is not either fast or slow. What it means is when this big boy puts the pads on to compete the pads don't slow him down and if anything he speeds up.

His size and athletisism is comparable to Antonio Gates Tony Gonzalez (even down to the hoops experience) and I'm not the only one to notice it. http://www.thefootballexpert.com/martellus...tend080001.html

I really love everything about this kid football-wise except who starts ahead of him, but one thing I've noticed about the NFL is that talent rises. Plus at this point, more importantly, WHY NOT? lol.

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Great pick, you're not getting long term value out of Winslow's knees anyway. I think he'll kill it and I'm not really impressed by any of the Dallas WR's so I see a ton of targets to Witten and Bennett, plus they were running them both in 2 TE sets late last year (good for the running game too) and Bennett was scoring TD's with Witten on the field. I know, I have him in my keeper league and was pissed every time ( I remember one where Bennett ran a short fade at the pylon and Witten ran a seam and was wide open but Romo forced it to Bennett for the TD). And Hard Hitten Witten gets beat up.

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Round 12

Fallopian Swim Team - Jerome Harrison RB

Trailer Park Hose - Danny Ware RB

Team Zawacki - Darrius Heyward-Bey WR

Unemployed Sofa Kings - Steve Smith WR (NYG)

Lana Turner's Lover - Lavernaues Coles WR

Pack Attack - Domenik Hixon WR

Hoosier Smurfs - Hines Ward WR

I miss Football - Matt Leinart QB

TEAM X - Donald Driver WR

Ill Will - Marcellus Bennett TE

Texas Teabaggers - Brady Quinn QB

El Iguanodon -

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