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I'm good for yahoo, but can't remember who it was that had an issue moving. Also, 2 years in a row now Kanter has higher picks not because of his team being bad, but because he doesn't set line up

Its like a sighting of big foot, very rare to see Roeth on line, lol

everyone has gathered... shhhhhhhhh

I am actually interested in a dynasty start-up, preferably non-ppr. Let me know if there are people interested and need a guy.

I'm going through a PPR dynasty league start up draft right now. Its pretty interesting. By the time I get to my redraft league drafts my drafting process is going to be jacked, lol

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Sigged up, let's trade. I know one of you J-E-T-S fans wants to run Sanchez as your OP. Looking for WR, RB, draft picks.

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Not to be a dck or anything but has he once made his pick on time?

Only by the standard that we don't have a time limit. I emailed him right after I picked, I'm not sure if he can't get email right now or what the story is, I'll try again. Put down the pitchforks and torches guys! B)

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