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Why save it?

It'd just be more self abuse. From the responses I got when I picked Da'Rel Scott, I could have waited until the 4th round and should have snagged Hill in the 3rd. All good tho, I got something else lined up for round 4. B)

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everyone has gathered... shhhhhhhhh

Its like a sighting of big foot, very rare to see Roeth on line, lol

I'm good for yahoo, but can't remember who it was that had an issue moving. Also, 2 years in a row now Kanter has higher picks not because of his team being bad, but because he doesn't set line up

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Anyone interested in trading their 2012 rookie pick/s for a player?

If a player I want is there at 4.02, I'll trade you my 2012 3rd round pick for it. Could be high 3rd round too with this squad. B)

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Mike Thomas and Jordy Nelson are two guys, but I don't have a problem discussing others.

PM me what you're looking for for Thomas plz...

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Greg Salas dropping Bryant Johnson

So sorry everyone, you should have brought out the pitchforks. I was only supposed to be gone Thursday and part of Friday but they ended up making us stay through the entire weekend. I am a K9 handler in the military and we had a VIP that decided to stay the whole weekend so it was continuous searching for 14-16 hours a day...what a nightmare. I promise you once I drop this dog, and it will be very soon since they are making me trainer, this s**t wont ever happen again (and it shouldnt again anyway since i am now at the bottom of the rotation). Again, I know it can be very frustrating waiting on one idiot to make a pick and it is a buzz kill. I am sorry.

no problem. life happens while the rest of us are playing fantasy sports.

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Purple People Eaters - Christian Ponder dropping Shawn Nelson

Lana Turner's Lover - Jacquizz Rodgers dropping Chester Taylor

I Can Has Roethlisberger? - Andy Dalton dropping Jeff Reed

Southern Steeler - Austin Pettis dropping Kevin Boss

Trailer Park Hose - Da'Rel Scott dropping Dimitri Nance

Abusement Park - Greg Salas dropping Bryant Johnson

Pack Attack - Jason Hill dropping Bernard Berrian

Carolina Blues - Vincent Brown dropping Ben Watson

Ill Will - Colt McCoy dropping.....

Unemployed Sofa Kings - OTC

I miss Football -

El Iguanodon -

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I believe we do a 4th round and then its open season on FA's.

4th round and then everybody undrafted goes on waivers, waivers will start and clear ~24 hours after we get the rosters updated. No restriction on the number of waiver wire moves. After all waivers clear, then it's open season. Giddyup!

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