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Bold Predictions 2009


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-Chargers win the superbowl

- Adrian Peterson , Matt Forte, Chris Johnson, and Michael Turner all finish out of the top 5 rb's

- Larry Fitzgerald finishes outside of the top 5 wr

- Randy Moss has 20 tds

- Darren McFadden has 10 total tds, including 2 passing tds

- Same for Ronnie Brown, except only 1 passing td

- James Davis gets atleast 500 rushing yards and 5 tds

- Clinton Portis gets less than 1100 rush yards and less than 8 tds

- Owen Daniels final numbers: 80 catches, 950 yards, 6 tds

- Steven Jackson gets 1800 total yards, 60 catches, and 13 tds

- LT recaptures his glory and scores 15 touchdowns

- Reggie Wayne catches atleast 105 passes

- Frank Gore gets atleast 1600 total yards, 50 catches and 10 tds. thats not really bold, i just think this is what happens.

- Tim Tebow gets laid

- John Madden comes out of retirement on Thanksgiving to eat turducken

- Matthew Berry is a moron

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Dwayne Bowe finishes as the #1 fantasy receiver.

Kevin Smith finishes as a top 8 fantasy back.

Matt Stafford becomes an every week fantasy starter by season's end.

Ramses Barden rises out of the Giants WR salmagundi to become a top 20 fantasy WR in the second half of the season, and leads the Giants in receiving TD's with 8.

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-Phillip Rivers is the top fantasy QB this season.

-MJD is the top fantasy RB by a mile, with 1494 yards rushing, 415 receiving, and 18 TD's.

-Moreno finishes in the top 5 RB's, with 1196 on the ground, 335 in the air, and 14 TD's.

-Eddie Royal has a better season than Brandon Marshall.

-Westbrook misses 9 games, McCoy busts out with over 1000 on the ground for the season.

-Addai is relevant again.

-DeAngelo Williams doesn't come close to repeating his 2008 season. Stewart does (and then some).

-The Texans do NOT win the division or make the playoffs, finishing another disappointing 7-9 season.

-Schaub misses 5 games (causing the last prediction), not living up to the hype for the 2nd straight year.

-Steve Slaton isn't a top 10 RB.

-Reggie Bush rushes for over 1000 yards, has over 300 yards receiving...only 4 TD's though due to Pierre Thomas' 13.

-Carson Palmer is a top 5 QB.

-Aaron Rodgers is not.

-Tom Brady gets his wish of playing in every preseason game. He tears his ACL on the last snap of the 4th quarter of the last preseason game.

-Chris Mortensen loses his mind and becomes a hermit, living in his super cool ESPN van down by the river and playing gee-tar hero.

-Braylon Edwards has over 1500 yards receiving.

-Greg Olsen has 1200 yards and 9 TD's.

-Hester is a bust.

-Jay Cutler throws for 23 TD's, but also a whopping 26 INT's.

-Matt Leinart makes the Pro Bowl after taking over for an injured Kurt Warner in Week 2.

-The Cardinals, not the Seahawks, win the West.

-The Broncos win the wildcard with a 10-6 record.

-Kyle Orton finishes with a solid 22/8 TD/INT ratio.

-Phillip Rivers doesn't hate Kyle Orton.

-Ochocino has a 1200 yard season.

-Cadillac has a better season than Ward.

-Alex Smith becomes a fantasy-relevant starter.

-So does Vernon Davis.


Although bold, i think these are the best predictions i've read so far (out of 5 pages).

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-Visanthe Shiancoe becomes a top 5 TE. (if Favre joins MIN)

-Tony G drops out of the top 6 TE

-Bernard Scott becomes the #1 CIN fantasy RB

-James Davis become the #1 CLE fantasy RB

-Michael Turner falls out of RB1 range and becomes a high end RB2 at best

-Brian Robiskie becomes Cleveland's go-to receiver

-MJD outproduces Peterson in all formats

-Willis Mcgahee gets hurt in some way...oh wait...you said bold.

I'm absolutely on board with this one. As long as he keeps his head straight, B-Scott is gonna be a special player. And Cedric Benson is, well, Cedric Benson.

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