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Pulled this quote from the 2015 Mock Real League... thought it appropriate.

Iron, you are in that league, so I know you've seen this one before...

If you we are actually going to throw someone under the bus for lousy trade offers, I think the following quote actually sets the bar on how to do it:


"Dear Bruce,

I asked you as politely as I could to stop proposing trades to me. You are obviously stupid, naïve, or just plain rude because you haven’t listened. Here’s my final attempt:

I don’t care if you have the cure for cancer and you want to trade it to me for my kicker – LEAVE ME THE f--- ALONE.

I don’t care if doctors call me and tell me that your life depends on whether I will make a fantasy football trade with you – LEAVE ME THE f--- ALONE.

I don’t care if the movie Armageddon comes to life and the government comes to me saying that I need to make a trade with you or you won’t go into space to save the world. I will just send you an email saying - – LEAVE ME THE f--- ALONE.


Get out of your mother’s basement and make some friends. I know it’s hard, just try. I’m sure everyone will hate your guts within seconds of meeting you, but just stick with it. Try not to insult their intelligence by JUST BEING ******** NORMAL YOU ******** CREEPY FAGGOT. Maybe we’re reaching here – just start with owning a plant.

Also, go see a shrink. You have HUGE psychological problems. I can see you laying out your “Joker” makeup and handguns at this moment. PLEASE GO TALK TO SOMEONE. I know your life sucks. Really, really bad. Those bad men should not have done those things to you and your butthole. You just can’t take that out on everyone here. Please go get the help you desperately need.


Everyone that has ever encountered your pathetic, annoying, worthless self"



In my opinion, this is a work of art.

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2016 Dynasty Bowl Draft



Round 1

1. Wink - Ezekiel Elliott RB DAL

2. Luck Dynasty - Laquon Treadwell WR MIN

3. Kingfish - Josh Doctson WR WAS

4. Teco Raww (to Wink) - Sterling Shepard WR NYG

5. Misfit Toys - Corey Coleman WR CLE

6. Jmadtown - Derrick Henry RB TEN

7. A Very Bad Man - Kenneth Dixon RB BAL

8. El Chingon (to Teco Raww) - Jordan Howard RB CHI

9. Iron Cock - Devontae Booker RB DEN

10. Texan AD - Will Fuller - WR HOU

11. Discount Double Check - Michael Thomas WR NO

12. Luck Dynasty - CJ Prosise RB SEA


Round 2

13. Luck Dynasty - Tyler Boyd WR CIN

14. Luck Dynasty (to Teco Raww) - Braxton Miller WR HOU

15. The KingFish- Paul Perkins RB NYG

16. Teco Raww - Sammie Coates WR Pitt 

17. Misfit Toys - Leonte Carroo WR MIA

18. Jmadtown -  Kenyon Drake RB MIA

19. A Very Bad Man -  Wendell Smallwood RB PHI

20. El Chingon - Deandre Washington RB OAK

21. Iron Cock (to Teco Raww to Luck Dynasty back to Teco Raww ) - Jonathan Williams RB BUF

22. TexanAD (to Misfit Toys) - Malcolm Mitchell WR NE

23. Discount Double Check (to Misfit Toys) - Keith Marshall RB WAS

24. Southern Steeler - Josh Ferguson RB - Colts


Round 3

25. Southern Steeler - Mike Thomas WR, Rams

26. Discount Double Check - Jeff Janis WR GB

27. TexanAD (to Misfit Toys to Discount Double Check) - Carson Wentz QB PHI

28. Iron Cock - Alex Collins RB SEA

29. El Chingon - Jared Goff QB STL

30. A Very Bad Man- Daniel Lasco RB NO

31. Jmadtown - Rishard Higgins WR CLE


32. Misfit Toys (to Discount Double Check) - Tyler Ervin RB HOU

33. Teco Raww - Hunter Henry TE SD

34. The KingFish - Tajae Sharp WR TEN

35. Luck Dynasty(to Teco Raww) - Tyler Higbee TE STL

36. Wink - Peyton Barber RB TB



Nice work everyone and good luck this season!

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Just got to vacay....5 hour drive with the wife and kids. 6 days on lake michigan....make your adds if you haven't I will be placing everyone on waivers tomorrow morning drafted or not....nice draft best of luck to everyone this year....on a side note no work this week expect plenty of buzzed sun burnt booty a $$ trades...lol

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Nice draft guys.  And to think some of you thought I would still be trying to decide who to pick at 1.02 if there wasn't a time limit.  :o


Cobb, Mathews and Fleener are available.  I am looking for a RB upgrade and/or solid RB depth.


I also have some lower to mid-tier players available that might be a good fit with the right team - Blount, Smith, Vereen, Benjamin, and West.

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2017 Draft Order


Round 1

1. Hard 1
2. Jmadtown
3. King Fish
4. Texan AD
5. Luck Dynasty (to Wink)
6. Very Bad Man
7. El Chingon
8. Iron Cock (to Hard 1)
9. Sports Guy
10. Winky
11. Southern Steeler
12. Baltimore Boy

Round 2

13. Hard 1 (to El Chingon)
14. Jmadtown
15. King Fish
16. Texan AD
17. Luck Dynasty (to Hard 1)
18. Very Bad Man
19. El Chignon
20. Iron Cock (to Hard 1)
21. Sports Guy
22. Winky
23. Southern Steeler
24. Baltimore Boy

Round 3

25. Baltimore Boy
26. Southern Steeler
27. Winky
28. Sports Guy
29. Iron Cock
30. El Chingon
31. Very Bad Man
32. Luck Dynasty
33. Texan AD
34. King Fish
35. Jmadtown
36. Hard 1

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Hard1 - OTC... 

Thanks for posting...


Quick question: 

I seem to remember the order for the playoff teams would be set after the playoffs.

(Picks 1-6 set by regular season finish, then playoffs teams (picks 7-12) set by each team's playoff finish...)

I could certainly be wrong though... really not sure.

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16 hours ago, Winky said:

Works for me.


Gonna be a good draft next year...

Good lord I personally need a good draft..hopefully some of these fringe wr adds I'm trying to do workout cause someone moves on and they don't replace in the draft....that said if anyone is thinking trade I'm thinking wr....

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1 hour ago, mneel55 said:

So when are we doing the rook draft this year.. dont want to be late like last year!


I'm open to any time... last season, we did it mid-June, but I'll roll with what the league wants...


P.S. The #5 and the #10 overall picks are up for grabs.


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Last year we drafted starting on June 12.

Not sure when we wanted to do it this season, but thought I'd get this league back on everyone's radar.

Remarkably, this league is going into its 8th season!


@hard1, what do you think?


Round 1

1. @hard1
2. @Jmadtown
3. @kingfish
4. @TexanAD
5. @Luck Dynasty (to Wink)
6. Very Bad Man
7. El Chingon
8. @Iron-cock (to Hard 1)
9. @sportsguy
10. @Winky
11. @southernSteeler
12. @baltimore_boy


Maybe we should do a roll call...

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