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TexanAD has been in the league since the beginning, but he hasn't been on Rotoworld since last August. 

Jmadtown hasn't been on Rotoworld since early May.


I shot them both an email this morning and another one last week.

If @Jmadtown or @TexanAD don't respond in the next couple days, let's just move forward.

They both have good teams, so we will be able to find people to take over ownership.

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Alright Gents,

I heard from Jmad and he is in... every team has returned for Dynasty Bowl's 9th season... great stuff...


Here is the 2017 Draft order:

Round 1

1. Hard 1 - @hard1 - OTC
2. Jmadtown - @Jmadtown
3. King Fish - @mneel55
4. Texan AD - @TexanAD
5. Luck Dynasty (to Wink) - @mbroo5880i
6. Very Bad Man - @aburley
7. El Chingon - @El_Chingon
8. Iron Cock (to Hard 1) - @Iron-cock
9. Sports Guy - @sportsguy21792
10. Winky - @Winky
11. Southern Steeler - @southernSteeler
12. Baltimore Boy - @baltimore_boy


Round 2
13. Hard 1 (to El Chingon)
14. Jmadtown
15. King Fish
16. Texan AD
17. Luck Dynasty (to Hard 1)
18. Very Bad Man
19. El Chignon
20. Iron Cock (to Hard 1)
21. Sports Guy
22. Winky
23. Southern Steeler
24. Baltimore Boy


Round 3

25. Baltimore Boy
26. Southern Steeler
27. Winky
28. Sports Guy
29. Iron Cock
30. El Chingon
31. Very Bad Man
32. Luck Dynasty
33. Texan AD
34. King Fish
35. Jmadtown
36. Hard 1


We can get this thing underway any time... today? 

Best thing to do is make your pick and then PM the next two guys...

The next guy is OTC and the guy after is aware that his pick is coming right up (AOTC - Almost On the Clock).


Hard1, you are OTC!


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Interested in possibly trading a player to move into the first round.  Luck is probably the only player unavailable.  Everyone else is available for the right price.  Someone like Hilton or Hill might be difficult to move but a draft pick and a decent young player might be convincing enough.

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