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Round 1

1. Hard 1 - @hard1 - Joe Mixon - RB, CIN
2. Jmadtown - @Jmadtown - Leonard Fournette - RB, JAX
3. King Fish - @mneel55 - Corey Davis - WR, TEN
4. Texan AD - @TexanAD - Christian McCaffery - RB, CAR
5. Luck Dynasty (to Wink) - @mbroo5880i - Dalvin Cook - RB, MIN
6. Very Bad Man - @aburley - John Ross - WR, CIN
7. El Chingon - @El_Chingon - Mike Williams WR
8. Iron Cock (to Hard 1) - @Iron-cock David Njoku
9. Sports Guy - @sportsguy21792 OTC
10. Winky - @Winky
11. Southern Steeler - @southernSteeler
12. Baltimore Boy - @baltimore_boy

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17 minutes ago, El_Chingon said:

So is a 24 hour time limit between picks, then the turn is skipped and next guy otc can make their pick , then manager who got skipped can come back at any time to make their pick? 

It's more of a guideline than a code in this league.  We did start the draft kind of quickly, not sure if he saw it was started

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When I emailed him on Tuesday I told him that he was the only team that we had not yet heard from and that we were trying to get the draft done.

He chimed in that day, so he should know that we intended to start right away.

It's a 3 round draft, so as much as I would like to speed through it, I think we can wait until he makes his pick...

I'll do what everyone wants, but hopefully, he'll make his pick today. 


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12 hours ago, mneel55 said:

Honestly I had some health s--- last year and I know what it feels like to almost get booted so I say give him atleast a day or two... but after that! He gone! 


He is an original owner so should be given some rope.  Therefore I don't think we should boot him at this point.  


However he checked in on this thread and knew we were about to begin drafting, was emailed by the commish and at least 2 different owners, and it has been 36 hours between picks.  So IMO we should skip him to keep the draft moving (he could come in at any time to make his pick).  


If he doesn't ever come back to make his pick, and then doesn't make his second round pick either, that would show he isn't very engaged in the league and I agree we should stop the draft at that point and find a replacement owner.

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Well he gets a little longer here to respond because he's been a good owner...and very unlike him to leave us hanging so benefit of doubt right now....while i agree I want this draft moving but he just said something Tuesday let's let him respond and say he's out if thats the case...maybe he had a baby maybe he's on a stakeout...maybe he's undercover or a top secret mission....maybe he's dropped his phone in the toilet...I don't know....but if he's being replaced ultimately then I say he gets replaced before the next picks are made...no owner wants to come in knowing their picks were skipped....we do need to set a limit though here I suppose...

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Welll fellas I am one to agree, give the man a chance. Maybe he is in a 72 hour hooker binge? It can happen to the best of us! I say we give him till Monday atleast, that seems pretty fair right? I do think that skipping him is not the best, way too much confusion there:

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