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which SP to start this week


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I'm working on setting the end of my rotation for the week and can pick from the following:

1. Garrett Olson @ Detroit and vs Cleveland - I like the 2 starts, but he's been pitching lousy. The Detroit matchup is decent, but the Indians isn't.

2. Carl Pavano @ Toronto and @ Los Angeles Angels - I like the 2 starts, but not the matchups.

3. Derek Holland @ Kansas City - I like the matchup, but he hasn't been that great lately.

Of the three choices above, which two would you choose and why?

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Yeah, right now I'd put Pavano as #1 of those three choices so I guess I'm really deciding between Olson and Holland. Even though Holland's start is against Greinke, KC's offense is among the worst in the league (29th in runs scored, 29th in walks, 24th in total bases), which makes for a nice matchup. Decisions, decisions...

Anyone else?

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Definitely Pavano. I guess I would go with Holland just because he only has the one start where he can hurt you and the Royals suck.

Olson could give you two ugly outings. This is a guy who got lit up by the Padres about a month ago and recently got knocked around by the Indians, one of his opponents this week.

Thanks for the help with mine.

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