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Add Harvin Or Maclin


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Percy Harvin & Jeremy Maclin are both FA's and went undrated in my league. Which one should i pick up? Who do you think will have the biggest impact and be the better Offensive WR for the whole season.

Or should i just add them both?

Team is below What You Say????

QB Peyton

QB Romo


WR Megatron

RB Forte

RB R. Brown

TE Cooley

FLEX McFadden

FLEX Welker

BN Beanie , Hightower , Favre , Evans , B. Edwards , Carlson

K Crosby

D/ST Minny

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how the heck do you have that team? 8 team league?


I drafted this team. Didn't make any trades yet. But i have gotten some offers.

Also just got Harvin off the WW now. Maclin was picked up hours ago by the Eagles fan in my league LOL

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