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Johan in 2008


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Since I've already dumped this year, I'm looking forward to the 2008 season! Johan is on an expiring contract in my keeper league and will be available at the auction draft next April. I should have a lot of money available to spend and I plan on going after Johan hard. My only thought, and I know it's a year away, is that he's a real world FA next year and assuming the Twins don't pony up the dough to keep him, there's a risk he might get traded which could be a problem seeing how I'm in an AL only league. My questions are:

1. Do you think the Twins will re-sign Johan next season?

2. If no to #1, will he get traded if the Twins are in the playoff hunt?

3. If you think he would get dealt next season, where might he end up?

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For comparison, I researched on Pedro Martinez... the only one in recent history who I think compares.

Pedro started his dominance in 1997 and continued pretty much up until 2005, with one one real hiccup year in between. 2006 was a wash with injury, but kind of expected with age. He should come back decent this year.

Basically you have 8 years of quality pitching.

Johan's premiere year was 2004 if I am correct. (he did start much of 2nd half 2003)

So he is only 3 years in as the dominant pitcher in baseball.

1) I think they will try.... really too much to say

2) He will go to a big time big $$ team (think yankees) but that doesnt mean they are gonna be playoff contenders.

3) He is doing very well on Minnesota, who are only a hair above .500 I dont see him going to any of the truly dreadful teams.

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