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Andre 3000 Trade

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My friend's willing to package

Andre Johnson & Michael Bush to me


Kevin Smith & Mike Sims-Walker with either Donald Brown, LeSean McCoy, or Mendenhall

I know this is a pretty good deal but I don't know which rookie to package with Smith & Sims-Walker.

It also eats up a lot of my RB depth. What do you suggest I send him?

My Team (2 QB League Non-PPR, 3 pt. Bonus for 100 Rush, 100 Rec):

QB Tom Brady

QB Donovan McNabb

WR Randy Moss, Mike Sims-Walker, Devin Hester

RB Steve Slaton, Pierre Thomas

TE Brent Celek

W/R Kevin Smith

KTynes, DEF: Jets, Bengals

BN: Donald Brown, LeSean McCoy, Rashard Mendenhall, Owen Daniels, Shaun Hill

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call me different, but i think you're getting less than what you pay for. yeah johnson is a good WR, but your giving up ALOT of RB points for something (imo) you're not going to make up w/johnson and bush. i dont see any raider RB making any type of impact anymore, since jamarcus cant pass the ball & everyone knows they will try to run.

just my opinion, but i'd see if you can get away with just 2 players instead of 3, b/c again (imo) i think your getting low-balled

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I would keep the RB depth at this point.

AJ numbers will be down this year because of the horrible play of the Texans O-line.

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All right gonna reject the Mendy trade then.

Thinking of countering with Kevin Smith & Sims-Walker for Andre.

I keep the RB depth for the most part and upgrade at WR.

Should I do this?

yes though i like getting mike bush back i would still make this one for sure if he'll do it...

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