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An interesting tight end problem WHIR


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I am in a 12 team league with a deep bench, and currenly my te position looks like this:



Fred davis

Chris cooley

Seems like a lot of talent to waste at TE. Should I sell shockey and olsen for upgrades and just start the redskins TE the rest of the way.

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I don't know much about the Redskins offense, so I'm not sure if Cooley gets targeted a lot because the offense stinks or because he's a really good TE (probably a mix of both). If Fred Davis will get a lot of targets and put up decent numbers week to week (6-10 points, standard scoring), then I would definitely sell Shockey and Olsen and go with Redskins TE. However, if you think he will put up 3's the rest of the way, then I would hang on to Olsen. Either way, there's no reason to keep Shockey. If you have a deep bench and no immediate needs to fill, then it might be worthwhile to hang on to Olsen in addition to Davis/Cooley to see how the Redskins' TE situation plays out.

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I don't think you should rely on Fred Davis the rest of the year. I picked him up off waivers and was very happy to get him but you have to remember that his good production game against the Eagles who stink against TEs. You may want to see what he does first before getting rid of Olsen and Shockey. Also, I would not shop Olsen right now b/c his trade value his definitely below his true value right now. I think shopping shockey would be a good idea though since his trade value is pretty high right now and he seems to get injured every year.


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