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If the draft was tomorrow


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Pujols #1 overall...I would reach for Jay Bruce and Adam Lind...

I can see the arguments on all sides... I really don't think you can go wrong drafting either Pujols or Hanley #1 overall.

I couldn't even say it would be stupid to draft Arod #1 overall. As ARod projects to be healthy the whole season this year so that will help his numbers drastically as he won't be facing pitchers that are nearly mid season form when he is still in spring training form. Especially when considering the fact that Pujols had elbow surgery this offseason (supposed to be minor and he is supposed to be ready by spring training but nonetheless another risk.)

Me personally I'm going to go with Albert... Plain and simple he is by far the best fantasy player. Especially when you're at the #1 slot you are going to have to reach on players constantly so you might as well bang out Pujols and then reach a bit on a Tulo later in the draft.

Again me personally I'd rather have Pujols and Asdrubal Cabrera or Elvis Andrus than Hanley and Morneau or Adrian Gonzalez... Call me crazy.

There will be tons of later round sleeper SS's next year anyway... Stephen Drew (after a down year), Alexie Ramirez (after a down year), Erick Aybar (post All-Star he very solid), Alcides Escobar, Evereth Cabrera...

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