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New keeper league 2010 CBS Sportsline $50

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New 12 team H2H keeper league for 2010 CBS Sportsline $50. I know its a long way a way. But I am starting a new league and I thought I'd start the recruiting early since it may take me a while to find 12 solid coaches. Draft date and time TBA. It will be sometime late September 2010.

The league will use the standard eight Roto categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, three-pointers made, field-goal percentage and free-throw percentage.

Rosters will consist of two centers, one power forward, one forward of any type, one small forward, one shooting guard, one guard of any type, one point guard, two utility spots (any player) and six reserves. (C, C, PF, F, SF, SG, G, PG, 2U, 6 B)

Weekly H2H. You will set your weekly lineup on Mondays. Game weeks will run Monday night to Sunday night. Roto style scoring. A the end of the week, for example, your record may be 5-2-1 and your opponent would be 2-5-1. Weekly records accumulate to determine playoff teams and winnings.

I am a 47 year old family man. I currently run long running keeper NHL, MLB and NFL leagues. So, I thought I would now form an NBA league. I can provide references from the other leagues I run if you want to correspond by email with some of the other coaches in the other leagues. You can look me up on EBAY (franco8308) and see I have over 360 transactions there and a 100% rating. I am not a scam artist.

My email is chrisfranco@sc.rr.com

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Lineups are set once for the start of each period.

Deadline is 5 minutes before gametime on the first day of the period.

Owners may set lineups and change players' positions from a list of their eligible positions.

Add/drops are handled by a waivers process.

Head-to-Head, Individual Categories System.

Scoring based on total stats each period.

MONEY: Each season you put $50 into the pot. But before Season 1, you will actually be putting in $50 into that season's pot, and you will also need to pay a $50 DEPOSIT down payment on Season 2's pot. Now each future year, Before Season 2, or any "next" season, you will have to only pony up $50, but that money will go into the Season 3 pot. Essentially in all future seasons, the $50 you put into the pot, that is actually your deposit on the following season, since you already paid that season's entrance fee before the prior season. If guys quit, they forfeit their future season deposit money and don't get that back.

So: $50 for Season 1, plus a $50 deposit for Season 2, plus we all split the CBS fee equally, which is ($99 divided by 12) = $108.25 for year one to get in.

We use the "Down Payment" rule above to slow turnover and to up the odds of finding committed long term dedicated coaches. Nothing worse than a keeper league with a ton of coach turnover.

All the money in the pot each year will get paid out

Running the league is a labor of love for the commissioner


In future seasons you will be able to keep any 1 C, 1 F, 1 G and 1 U (any position) of your choice PLUS any 2 "Under 22" keeper players. 6 total keepers each year. You get to keep an extra 2 players of any position who are "Under 22's". The way we define an "Under 22" for our keeper rules is as follows: Every September 15th before our annual draft you will have to make your keeper cuts. The 2 keeper "Under 22's" must all be 22 or younger during that calendar year. So, for example, lets say it is September of 2011... To figure out if a player is eligible to be kept as one of your "Under 22's", you take the year of our draft, 2011 in this example, then you subtract 22 from that, which is 1989. So, 1989 is the magic number for the 2011 "Under 22" keeper list. All "Under 22's" must be born in 1989 (according to the CBS Sportsline data base) or born after 1989 to qualify as one of your 2 "Under 22" keepers. It sounds kind of complicated, but its really very simple. So, for season 2012, all "Under 22" keepers would have to have been born in 1990 or after that year 1990. Got it? Your other 4 keepers can be born any year. Its a overall total of 6 keepers. This is not a dynasty league where you keep your entire roster from season to season.

You can only keep a max of the 4 and 2 each year. If your 6 are better than my 6, well, you earned that advantage. You can keep less than 6 but you will receive no draft pick compensation or any compensation for doing so, so you might as well keep your best 6.

If you don't have 2 "Under 22's" to keep? Oh well, your loss. Make sure you have at least 2 on your roster when the prior regular season ends.

Thanks in advance for reading and I hope you will consider joining

chrisfranco@sc.rr.com is my email

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For the record. I have been running fantasy leagues since the early 1990's, but I will be new to fantasy NBA basketball. I've been a fan my whole life, but I am not 100% sure about the roto categories we will be using at this point. The ones I listed up top here in this thread seem to be the ones that most leagues use, but I am open to going with different categories if that's what our GMs want. Once we get all 12 coaches paid, I will set up a free online forum website and we can all talk about this and all the rules before we set them in stone.But I wanted to list out the basic format so you can get an idea of the direction we'll probably be moving in on things like: Keepers. Big bench. Starting players by position. etc.

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Just an update: 7 are now paid (including me). 5 spots open now. I will continue to update as we fill up. Of course, if for any reason we dont get enough, I will 100% refund your money. But it looks like we will fill up. Looking forward to our league! Best Chris -

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Just a heads up

4 spots open now

8 have paid in full.

We are on our way!

The draft will be Friday night October 22nd starting at 8 pm EST at our CBS site. (Haven't bought it from CBS as they are not selling league sites yet. I will let you know when our site is up)

Questions? You can email me



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2 spots open now

Just to be clear, the yearly fee to the pot is only $50 and it will always be $50 (plus the cost of the CBS site divided by 12 each year)

I am only taking the $108 in year one, to ensure your commitment to the keeper format. You are essentially prepaying a season in advance. The down payment tells me you are committed and serious about playing in this league long term. And you're not going to just go for it and if your team stinks going in to year two you are just gonna quit.

The down payment ensures some level of commitment.

Nothing worse then guys quitting keeper leagues once their roster gets a little rough.

So, its $108 year one and then each year after its only $58


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We have decided to go with a 16 GM league

10 starting players and a 5 man bench

We now have 1 spot open

We are also going to go with 14 HTH categories now:

Scoring for Categories

3PT - Three Pointers Made 1 point

AST - Assists 2 points

BK - Blocks 1 point

FGP - Field Goal Percentage 2 points

FTP - Free Throw Percentage 1 point

PF - Personal Fouls 1 point

PTS - Points 2 points

ST - Steals 1 point

TO - Turnovers 1 point

TRB - Total Rebounds 2 points

So each week in your HTH match-up, you could go 9-4-1 for example while your opponent would go 4-9-1

You only have to set your lineup once per week. Game weeks run Monday to Sunday night. There are 19 regular season game week periods.

If you want that last spot please email me at



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