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Desmond or S-Rod?


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In a standard 5x5 12-team roto league, I've got Desmond as a backup but S-Rod remains tantalizingly available - I'd really like to have both these guys but really unwilling to give up any of my pitching (closers are trading gold in this league)...maybe you guys could lend a hand?

Here's the team:

C: Wieters

1B: Cabrera

2B: Hill

3B: Chipper/Stewart

SS: Tulo, Desmond

OF: Holliday, Hamilton, Bourn, Rajai, Blanks

SP: Nolasco, Wainwright, Lilly, Santana, Slowey

RP: Lidge, Valverde, Franklin, Morales, Rauch

Thanks much!

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