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Who to Pick Up?


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I'm the 6 seed playing against the 2 seed in the semi finals right now. I need to add 2 players for my Sunday UTIL pots.


Gun Case Guitar .465 .773 34 495 165 118 29 18 65 5

Ron Artest Show .463 .731 27 476 209 125 26 20 60 4

I could use two people who could hit a % both FG and FT maybe a guy who BLKS or ASSTS?

I have no idea who to pick up?

Currently this is who I am starting on Sunday -

PG - Curry

SG - Mayo

G - Livingston (just picked him up)

SF - Pietrus (just picked him up)

PF - Duncan

F - Gallinari

C- Lopez

C - Krstic (just picked him up)

Util - _________

Util - _________

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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People who I am thinking of picking up

Reggie Williams - .517 .878

Ronny Turiaf - 786 .571 plus had 5 blks last game and 1.8 avg blks but he might not get mins

Serge Ibaka .611 .769

Jarvis Hayes

Chase Budinger (ariza inj)

Tyson Chandler?

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I would add Reggie for sure...

The other add would be between Serg/Turiaf, not sure which one though...who are they playing??

FWIW i used Turiaf last night. dropped him today because of his lack of minutes.

mine? who to start Deng/Collison


I actually picked up Reggie and Chase Budinger "returned to the starting lineup due to an injury to Trevor Ariza. Since going back to his role coming off the bench, he had scored 36 points in two games, but he made the most of his return. "I approach the game the same way," Budinger said. "With starting, you assume you're going to get more minutes. That's pretty much the only change in mindset. "When you get more minutes, you want to be able to go out there and produce with those extra minutes. I know I have to go out there and be aggressive. Trevor is going to be out. Someone else has to step up. Why not let it be me?" Budinger matched his career high, scoring 24 points on 9-of-14 shooting, hitting 6-of-8 3-point attempts. "I don't think I really forced any of my shots," he said. "I took shots that were open and they were going in. When I hit my first couple shots, it gave me confidence the rest of the game.""

Last 3 games hes been pretty beastly

I am considering picking up Turiaf but for either livingston or Budinger

Livingston vs NJ

Budinger @ IND

Serg vs Min

Turiaf @ Tor

What do you think?

Out of the 4 Budinger, Turiaf, Livingston, Serg I need 2 of them

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I'd go with Budinger/Turiaf. Seems like Turiaf makes the most sense, since it looks like you need the blocks. You just have to hope he plays more than 15 minutes like last game (although he did get 5 blocks, so maybe minutes don't matter that much...)

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