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1st Place Teams, post the team you drafted


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Just like the topic yesterday...."Last Place Teams..."


14-Team H2H

C: Mike Napoli (dropped earlier...now: Miguel Olivo)

1B: Miguel Cabrera (BEAST)

2B: Aaron Hill (DL, then slow start, now just OK, but has numbers)

3B: Ian Stewart (just ok, now looks to be hurt...been starting Jose Bautista for over a month now)

SS: Stephen Drew (been pretty good in a very shallow position)

OF: Justin Upton (slow start/has the numbers)

OF: Curtis Granderson (ok, then DL, now heating up)

OF: Ryan Ludwick (unvalued/been more than good)

UT: David Ortiz (dropped after very slow start...still ok with that, kinda)


Garrett Jones (lots of RBIs and seems to be heating up HR-wise...8)

Ian Desmond (Dropped: drafted for upside if Stephen Drew didnt pan out)

Sean Rodriguez (Dropped: sold on the Spring Training Power)


Clayton Kershaw (been great other than one stinker...needs the run support though)

Ricky Nolasco (up and down, wish I drafted other SPs in that spot)

AJ Burnett (other than a couple stinkers vs. BOS he's been decent)

Francisco Liriano (been good and close to 2006)

Ricky Romero (BEATLY)

Shaun Marcum (my best SP)

Scott Feldman (Dropped - awful after last years great line)

Mat Latos (Great)

Kevin Correia (Dropped for upside SPs)


Jose Bautista (BEASTLY)

Ty Wigginton (very good)

Brett Cecil (Awesome, targeted him in the draft until he cut his hand in SP)

Dallas Braden (Mr. Perfect....has been ok, but still solid SP)

Jhoulys Chacin (high Ks...lots of upside)

Homer Bailey (DL....liked his upside potential)

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I will post mine tomorrow when a trade goes through

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12 Teams ROTO (Standard 10 category)

Currently on 99.5 out of possible 120 points


C - Victor Martinez (Solid as expected, slow start but that doesn't matter much in ROTO when he starts to get hot lately)

1B - Miguel Cabrera (MVP numbers so far, my first round pick 11 overall)

2B - Martin Prado (Very under rated player, amazing average to balance out my under performers of my team)

3B - Casey McGehee (Waiver wire pick up long time ago, I hit the jack pot with him been amazing, provide powers rbis)

SS - Rafael Furcal (Been injured most of the season but very solid when he is playing)

OF - Jason Bay (Solid BA, provide steals still waiting for that power)

OF - Alex Rios (Good all around solid production from him so far)

OF - Jason Heyward (Potential ROY the year, enough said)

Util - Carlos Gonzalez (Good BA, RBI, and decent speed)

Util - Placido Polanco (Another player who helps me out with BA)

Bench - Carlos Pena (Been disappointing with low BA but he is mainly for power)

Bench - Michael Bourn (Main source of steals)


Tim Lincecum - My second round draft pick, been disappointing but hopefully he can rebound soon

Felix Hernandez - Another disappointing pick to grab him early

Cliff Lee - Solid as expected

David Price - Ace status

Chad Billingsley - Solid as expected

Phil Hughes - More than I expected

Barry Zito - Good enough to be my end of rotating spot starter to use against weak teams

Heath Bell - Solid

Brian Wilson - Solid

David Aaradsma - Disappointing but hopefully he can turn around

John Axford - Just recently added to catch up in saves category

Casey McGehee and John Axford are only two players I added through waiver wire in place of Josh Willingham and Miguel Tejada. The rest of my team were through original draft.

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What I drafted:






OF-CarGo, Manny, Morgan, RDavis


SP-Haren, Ubaldo, Hanson, Liriano, Strasburg

RP-Wilson, Wagner, Dotel, Qualls, Lindstrom


traded for J-Up and JJ

traded away, then for Dotel and Lindstrom B)

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The team I drafted. If I would have kept this team the way I drafted I would not be in first place

1. (3) Hanley Ramírez SS

2. (18) Tim Lincecum SP

3. (23) Matt Holliday LF

4. (38) Joey Votto 1B

5. (43) Aaron Hill 2B

6. (58) Billy Butler 1B

7. (63) Adam Dunn 1B,LF,RF

8. (78) Shane Victorino CF

9. (83) Mariano Rivera RP

10. (98) Joakim Soria RP

11. (103) Jered Weaver SP

12. (118) Matt Garza SP

13. (123) Neftali Feliz RP

14. (138) Gordon Beckham 2B,3B

15. (143) Brett Anderson SP

16. (158) Hunter Pence RF

17. (163) Miguel Montero C

18. (178) J.A. Happ SP,RP

19. (183) Kevin Slowey SP

20. (198) Rich Harden SP

My (current) first place team is below. Note that I was lucky enough to get rid of Hanley (Got Tulo and Kemp). I dropped Beckham very early. Finally dropped Hill as I give guys until June. I traded away Garza as part of the Hanley deal to get Cain and I traded Jered Weaver for Jimmy Rollins to keep him off a division rivals team (He has Keppinger at SS right now)

C Buster Posey (SF - C,1B)

1B Joey Votto (Cin - 1B)

2B Kelly Johnson (Ari - 2B)

3B Scott Rolen (Cin - 3B)

SS Troy Tulowitzki (Col - SS)

LF Matt Holliday (StL - LF)

CF Shane Victorino (Phi - CF)

RF Matt Kemp (LAD - CF,RF)

Util Lance Berkman (Hou - 1B)

DL Jimmy Rollins (Phi - SS) DL

SP Mat Latos (SD - SP)

SP Tim Lincecum (SF - SP)

RP Joakim Soria (KC - RP)

RP Mariano Rivera (NYY - RP)

P Leo Núñez (Fla - RP)

P Neftali Feliz (Tex - RP)

BN Mike Leake (Cin - SP)

BN Ricky Nolasco (Fla - SP)

BN Matt Cain (SF - SP)

BN Jaime García (StL - SP,RP)

BN Javier Vázquez (NYY - SP)

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