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2 Starting Pitchers

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I need 2 Starting Pitchers to start this week from this group. Who would you start?

- Billingsly @ Cincy (Arroyo)

- A.Sanchez vs Texas (T.Hunter)

- T.Hunter @ Florida (A.Sanchez)

- J.Hammel vs Milwaukee (Parra)

- Scherzer vs Washington (Lannan), vs Arizona (I.Kennedy)

Having Sanchez and Hunter go head-to-head confuses things a bit. Scherzer is risky but the only guy with 2-starts from the group.


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i'd probably roll with Bills.

Scherzer is tempting because of the two starts

Anibal i like, but Texas scores a ton of runs.

Hammel is hot right now, but i dont know if i can trust him

up until his last start Billingsley has been pretty good. and from past experience, there is always a chance of Arroyo exploding..

Thanks for the help with mine

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I like Hunter here, He has been solid in both of his last 2 outings I've watched him pitch in and Texas will always give you run support.

After that though I'm not 100 percent who I would start after that I would say take the risk with scherzer.

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I'd stay clear of Hunter this week. He's going against a decent pitcher, Rangers are on the road where their offense isn't as pontent and the Marlins offense has been hot lately.

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