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A.Sanchez or T.Hunter

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Each have 2 starts this week. Each have 1 easy start and 1 vs a good pitcher. Also, Hunter is coming off a hip injury.

- A.Sanchez: @ Balt (Guthrie), vs San Diego (Latos)

- T.Hunter: vs Pitts (Ohlendorf), vs Houston (Oswalt)


I'd go with Sanchez. I don't trust the Hunter injury. Baltimore and SD's lineups are both pitiful, the difference is that one start is in an NL ballpark (Petco nonetheless) and Hunter has 2 in an AL park.


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Yeah I'd go with Sanchez. Hunter worries me as well. I got burned earlier this year when I grabbed Matt Harrison w/ a two start week, so I'm staying away from Texas' young starters (I know this isn't great logic, but young starters almost always have a few down games after they play well.

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