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In the other Dynasty we have RGIII went 2.6, Miles went 5.1...thats all I got, HAHA!

You're kind of comparing Apples and Oranges there, though. That "other" league is a 2QB / 6-pt per passing TD league. This is a 4-pt per passing TD league, quite a big difference in where a QB's ultimate value is compared to other positions.

SHHHHHHHHH! HAHA! I was hoping no one would pick up on it, lol. Nice catch!

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Why did you post this on the message board instead of just PM'ing Duster directly?  IIRC, Duster has all 14 first round picks for 2018 already...

Big thanks, as always, to @sportsguy21792 for running this league. The most insanely competitive dynasty league on the Internet. 

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Gonna go hit up this Insanity workout gentlemen. PM me if you have interest in 1.9. I know Duck said he would be busy so I am going to go knock this out real quick. I will be back on in an hour. I need a WR, so send me your offer if interested and I will either take the trade, or let you know I am not interested and pick if Duck picks.

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Seahawks vs. Titans game is coming on...but first!


Darkstar Dragons (Robrain) trades:

Jay Cutler

Brandon LaFell

Julius Peppers

Soulcrusher (Benji) trades:

2012 1.11 Rookie Draft Pick

2012 1.14 Rookie Draft Pick

2012 1.04 FA Draft Pick

Terrelle Pryor

Edited by Robrain
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Really Chad Johnson? Dirtbag POS...

Chad Johnson was arrested on domestic violence charges Saturday night in Davie (FL).

According to the police report, Johnson allegedly head-butted his wife during an argument and caused lacerations to her forehead. We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available. Regardless on if Johnson's convicted, the incident will be be subject to the league's personal conduct policy.

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Okay, now that I just made that trade, two things.

First, I was in trade talks with quite a few of you at the same time. Now that I've made that trade with Benji, I need a little time to reassess my strategy. So consider any offers I may have sent you during that timespan, now effectively rescinded.

I am more than willing to revisit any offers we were in the process of discussing, but any offers made prior to this post are effectively rescinded for now.

After my trade with Benji, I now hold the following draft picks:

2012 1.11 Rookie Draft Pick

2012 1.14 Rookie Draft Pick

2012 2.02 Rookie Draft Pick

2012 3.02 Rookie Draft Pick

2012 1.02 FA Draft Pick

2012 1.04 FA Draft Pick

2013 2nd Round Draft Pick

2013 3rd Round Draft Pick

2013 FA Round Draft Pick

I am open to a lot of different things right now, so if you're interested in any of those, just PM me your offers.

This gives me an opportunity to shop for the whole gamut, WR's, QB's, TE's, RB's. I'm interested in hearing offers for pretty much all of it.

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