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Why did you post this on the message board instead of just PM'ing Duster directly?  IIRC, Duster has all 14 first round picks for 2018 already...

Big thanks, as always, to @sportsguy21792 for running this league. The most insanely competitive dynasty league on the Internet. 

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When do all the players get added? when all the teams are back?

When I have either seen or heard from each of the teams, that's when I'll start looking for a replacement for Lil Bishes. After a replacement is found, that's when I'll re-enter the rosters.

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Am I reading correctly above that my 1st round pick was traded away?

That is correct, however, I forgot that the deal in question got you the #2 pick in the second round from the other replacement team we have yet to find. The deal as a whole was "your" team trading Hakeem Nicks, Dwayne Allen, and your 1st round pick for Steven Jackson and his 2nd round pick last August.

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Draft Pick Trades

Drake's 2nd to megamoviejohn

Too BaD's 1st to Replacement

Replacement's 2nd to ToO BaD

Du5t3r's 2nd to Sdlions

Sdlions' 3rd to Du5t3r

ArmchairGM's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to Replacement

megamoviejohn's FA pick to Drake

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Draft Pick Trades

Drake's 2nd to megamoviejohn

Too BaD's 1st to CL3VELANDBR0WNS


Du5t3r's 2nd to Sdlions

Sdlions' 3rd to Du5t3r

ArmchairGM's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to CL3VELANDBR0WNS

megamoviejohn's FA pick to Drake

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I update my trading block. I would also be willing to play around with draft picks, although it would be nice to see the current draft rounds so I have an idea where I am with the trades that have already been made.

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Draft order for the rookie draft with all trades is below. Names are RW forum names, not team names on yahoo.

Round 1

1. CdnFan


3. Drake

4. FFCollusion

5. Mek Daddy

6. Du5t3r

7. Sdlions

8. megamoviejohn

9. CL3VELANDBR0WNS (from ArmchairGM)

10. stankyleg

11. merkman_21

12. sportsguy21792

13. CL3VELANDBR0WNS (from ToO_BaD)

14. predator_05

Round 2

15. CdnFan

16. ToO_BaD (from CL3VELANDBR0WNS)

17. megamoviejohn (from Drake)

18. FFCollusion

19. Mek Daddy

20. Sdlions (from Du5t3r)

21. Sdlions

22. megamoviejohn

23. CL3VELANDBR0WNS (from ArmchairGM)

24. stankyleg

25. merkman_21

26. sportsguy21792

27. ToO_BaD

28. predator_05

Round 3

29. CdnFan


31. Drake

32. FFCollusion

33. Mek Daddy

34. Du5t3r

35. Du5t3r (from Sdlions)

36. megamoviejohn

37. CL3VELANDBR0WNS (from ArmChairGM)

38. stankyleg

39. merkman_21

40. sportsguy21792

41. ToO_BaD

42. predator_05

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When does the draft start?

I'm open to discussion on that. My thought is that I don't want to start things too early in case injuries or other news happens in the meantime. I know that last year, we started things right around the end of July, and it only took about a week to get everything done.

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I am OK with drafting anytime. I'm assuming that its a slow draft, everybody gets 5-10 hours and we'll post our picks here...

Who is 'Kyzer' ?

Right here. Maybe we can get an updated list of rotoworld accounts names matched up to yahoo team names. I used to use to the one from Season 1 but there's been a few changes since then.

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This is the best I can decipher using deductive reasoning, but by no means can I guarantee it's accuracy.

1. CdnFan Young Guns

2. CL3VELANDBR0WNS Pigs Might Fly

3. Drake Kyzer

4. FFCollusion FFCollusion

5. Mek Daddy It's Rainey Men

6. Du5t3r Chalupa Batman

7. Sdlions Sdlions

8. megamoviejohn El IguanoDon

10. stankyleg It's All Goodson

11. merkman_21 Sasquatch Hunters

12. sportsguy21792 Lambeau Leap

14. predator_05 Soul Crusher

16. ToO_BaD ToO_BaD

No Draft Picks? ArmChairGM AHernShotMe2

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You can't via the Yahoo function. Again, Yahoo makes Dynasty leagues more difficult than it has to be.

In order for us to have 'rosters' we had to 'complete a draft'

Therefor as far as Yahoo is considered, our 2014 draft has already occured, thus impossible to trade those picks.

You'll have to do it via email, forums, or... telegram.

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FFCollusion, I think you actually have it right. I'll double check tonight when I get home.

predator, my suggestion to you would be to offer the players in the deal and just put something in the trade notes saying your offer includes whatever pick from this year.

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I will be actively shopping my pick but will not make any trades until after the first pick is made, unless an offer blows me away.

I want to trade back, not out of the draft entirely. Just sayin, prepare an offer and even DM me if you wanna put an offer on the table now.

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How do i include one of my 2014 draft picks in a trade offer? Yahoo only allows me to offer a 2015 draft pick.

The guy i'm hoping to trade with has 5 posts and isn't active on here. :wacko:

Yea we had some confusion happen the first year because of them being mixed so that's awesome you picked it up, yahoo makes it a little difficult. All we've done in the past is exactly what commish said. Put the current year draft pick in the trade notes and use the selection box for next year picks.

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