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Braylon vs. Mike Williams (SEA)


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Who wins the spot for my WR3 slot? Not only for this week but for the whole season.

This Week:

Braylon vs. Baltimore (Jets home opener, my seats are in the end-zone)

Seattle Mike vs. SF (home)

If I go with Mike I can just see Braylon catching a bomb as he's running right towards me...lol

Two great options but I'm torn as I think both will have great years...little help.

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Braylon against a guy who has been out of the league . Speaks volumes about the value of stonehands. I would go with Williams.

"Stonehands" actually only had 3 drops last year (one was a Primetime BOMB that hit off his facemake, but...). Looking for him to have a big year and continue to shed the drops label.

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Braylon will be mediocre until Santonio comes back. And then let the games begin. Holmes will be a beast when he returns.

So are you saying go with Seattle Mike?

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Struggling with this one pretty much all year, so...

Braylon going back to Cleveland


Big Mike with his stud rookie LT and Hasselbeck back vs. Arizona

Expecting big games from both but not too sure who to go with...being a Jets Fan I have Braylon slated right now.

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Your original post asked for a WR3 for the year. I would play matchups between these two if possible. We've seen Williams can have really big games in good matchups, but we've also seen how terrible Seattle's o line is when the opposing team brings decent pressure. Edwards has been doing great so far, but it's hard to trust him week to week because of the unpredictability of the Jet's offense. This week, I think it's pretty much a tossup. Cleveland is a good defense, but they do give up big plays to WRs. Most of Edwards' points come from big play TDs. Arizona is one of the worst teams this year, so Seattle has a chance to put up points. OTOH, Hass was out last week and could be a bit rusty. You know Williams will get the looks though if Hass is starting.

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