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1st Year WW Play


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As stated, this is my first year playing with a WW priority and I was wondering if those out there who have played this way could give me some advice...any of these guys worth an add?

Really only looking for a Bye-Week filler at RB.

Benjarvis Green-Ellis - looked to be on the field a lot vs. the Jets and that was before the Faulk injury, plus Fragile Fred is Fragile Fred

Mike Tolbert - what's the deal with Mathews? Will he be back this week?

My Team is in my sig...plusI have:

Mark Sanchez

Mo Morris (Best Handcuff)

Sammy Morris

Kevin Faulk (DONE FOR)

Mike Thomas

Devin Thomas

Just dont know if those two would be worth it. And help would be appreciated.

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